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Thursday, June 1, 2017

BookExpo, Jacob Javits, Day 2

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
--Mr. Rogers

Today I am the luckiest woman in the world. I get to walk BookExpo at the Javits Center in NYC. Again. I snap a few photos, meet some nice authors and make a few notes. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Book Expo - Day 2 - It's all about da books, da da books.

For the second day in a row, I make the long walk from my place to the train station, my first leg of a commute to Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Still rocking my senior status, I purchase my discount off-peak ticket, stand on the platform and bask in the morning sun, inhaling and exhaling the delicious moment while relishing the many more to follow for rest of this day. 

 Almost there. This is last block I must walk to get to the train station. It's just beyond that multi-level parking lot in the distance.

 Still rocking my senior discount, I purchase one round trip, off-peak ticket.

 Gotta love off-peak. No crowds.

The train is empty.
 Off-peak means less stress, a place to sit, and an extra hour of sleep.

At Grand Central, I rush to catch the No. 7 subway to 34th Street and Hudson Yard.
I take a seat and see a family of tourists.
The parents are pleasant and friendly. And their four children are mannerly and well behaved.
I love to people watch. I love the subway.

The Javits Center is under construction. Exiting the subway station, I can see the Javits building across the street, but I must wait for the cement mixer to back up out of the way before I can cross. I don't mind, because truly, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. And I am grateful.

 Soon as I enter the Javits Center, I am greeted by Bookt.v.
"Can I take your picture?"
"You betcha!"
Here I am pretending I'm on t.v.

 People are everywhere. I feel like salmon. I simply follow the crowd.

 There are bright neon colored displays...

 ...And books.

Books here. Books there. Heck, there are books everywhere!

Author Amy Hest is autographing her book, "On the Night of the Shooting Star."
I get on line, ask permission to snap her photograph, and thank her.

 This display at the Greenpeace booth caught my eye.

I stand on line to meet Maria Shriver and get her autograph. 30 minutes pass. Will I meet Maria Shriver? Will I get an autographed copy of her book,  "Color Your Mind."

 The line creeps slowly. I can see Ms. Shriver, but there is a man counting heads.

He stops at the woman behind me.

Yes, I am lucky. I meet Ms. Shriver. I get her autograph.

This is Maria Shriver's book.

It is a long day. I head home. But not before stopping off to say hi to my book, "A Gift of Love."

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
...Come journal with me;
your book is yet to be.

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Jo Linsdell said...

Great photo's. looks like you had an awesome time.