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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Westchester Wednesday, My BabE and ME, It's a Beautiful Day at the Kensico Dam

Rise before dawn. Find a vantage point with a wide vista.
Wait for the first warming rays. Feel their strength, their vitality.
Observe the world as it wakes around you. Feel the renewal. --Patrick Lindsay

I'm one of those hardy writers who finds inspiration in blue sky. And, happy faces in sunshine.

Here are a few photographs of one sunny Westchester Wednesday framed in sky of blue at the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, New York. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them:

Today, temperatures soar to a record high. It is a February day in 2017. The air is spring-like. Who knew? I can't make up my mind what it is I like more--Fresh air tickling my nose, smiling faces smiling back at me, or people-watching the parade of people simply out for a walk along the avenue at the Kensico Dam, Valhalla, New York.

There are bikers ...

There are walkers ...

There are solo individuals ...

There are roller bladers ...

And moms and dads pushing baby carriages ... With big sister tagging along.

There are dog walkers ...

And there is EvEn that mighty musE of minE, thE E.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Come journal with me;
your book is yet to be.

Writing Tip: Whatever your passion, do it from your heart.

Writing Quote: One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. --William Shakespeare

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