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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pax Romana, 189 E. Post Road, White Plains, NY 10601, Westchester Wednesday

...A bottle of red, a bottle of white
It all depends on your appetite
I'll meet you anytime you want
In our Italian restaurant...
--Billy Joel, Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

If you like Italian food, and who doesn't?, get yourself over to Pax Romana.

It was a Tuesday night and I had an appetite. I wanted a good meal and I wanted to try a new place to eat. For more than six months I had driven past Pax Romana with the personal private promise to one evening eat dinner there. Last week, I fulfilled that promise.

It was 6:00 p.m. when I strolled through the front door of Pax Romana. The place was packed. I made my way to the bar hoping to snag a seat there; it was standing room only, shoulder-to-shoulder, six shoulders deep to the marble topped counter just to order a drink. Not a seat to be found.

From there I made my way to Dante', the maitre d' and asked if this writer could get a table for one. I was pleasantly surprised to be shown to a table--No waiting! Single? No problem--with window view of the street.

Maitre d' Dante' was welcoming, warm, friendly, as was all wait staff, and after being shown a menu of appetizing appetizers and delicious entrees, I placed my drink order. Dante' had wisely recommended the Chianti--I like my wine dry--It was best I ever had. Really.

Bread sticks, brittle, crisp and homemade were placed like a bouquet of roses in a tall glass and served to me along with basket of fresh-baked sliced and warmed crusty Italian bread with a side mini bowl of dipping (spiced and red peppered) oil, surprisingly mild and oh, so tasty.

I sipped my wine, dipped my bread and people watched while Dante' announced the house specials, taking time to describe each appetiser and entree. I had his full attention. 

I bypassed the "Starters" (appetisers) and chose from "Secondi/Entrees," the "tagliata de manzo 25, grilled and sliced sirloin steak, arugula, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmiggiano cheese." 

And, yum! So glad I did.

tagliata de manzo 25
grilled and sliced sirloin steak, arugula,
cherry tomatoes, shaved parmiggiano cheese

My steak arrived drizzled in a delicious balsamic sauce and served exactly as I ordered. It was pink, buttery and tasty. The salad greens were spritzed in a light oil dressing, not soggy, not limp, with a polite crunch. I liked that the fresh cherry tomatoes were halved and that there were plenty of them. They tasted like they were just picked. The just-shaved fresh parmiggiano cheese was the finishing touch to the best steak dinner I have tasted in a long while. 

For dessert I ordered my favorite, Tiramisu. Served with a cup of coffee, black, no cream, no sugar, it was light, fluffy, and melted lightly on my palette. The Tiramisu, not the cup of coffee.

My favorite dessert, Tiramisu
Light, fluffy, tasty.

I give Pax Romana BookOrBusts' 5 books rating. 

I plan to return. 

Again. Again. And again.

The table to my left was celebrating.
What was the occasion? I have no idea.
But I did notice it was all men!

The table to my right
celebrated a birthday.
Dante' sings "Happy Birthday!"
*Yes, I am a people watcher--
where do you think I get all my ideas*

Pax Romana
Dessert Menu

Delicious food, good service, and friendly wait staff made for a very good evening. 

I hated to leave.

Pax Romana
189 E. Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601

Dante', Maitre d'
Stephanie, Bar Tender

Writer's Note: I returned to Pax Romana one week later and was met with same warm, friendly welcome from Stephanie, Bar Tender. Pax Romana has a Happy Hour, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Mixed drinks, wine on tap $6. Draught Beers, $3. Menu consists of a selection of appetizers ranging in price from $4 to $9. Incredible prices. Awesome portions. Same good food. Same great service. Same warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. 

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