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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dog Date Afternoon, Summer Vacation, Living My Life to the Fullest

"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life."

In addition to writing A Gift of Love, blogging, and doing writing practice, I am a pet groomer. A pet groomer is a person who grooms dogs.

Today I have a date.

With a dog named Oreo.

Oreo, if you haven't already guessed, is a black and white Shihtzu.

I can't wait!

I have to run. But, today I share how I spent my 2015 summer vacation in photographs.

If photographs tell 1,000 words, then here are 10,000.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed living them!

Happy Tuesday!

Kenny, a white Maltese.
And yours truly.

Devil Dog. At least that's what I called him.
I refused to groom this guy. He epitomizes every groomer's worst nightmare.

Meet Buddy. Buddy is a Llsa Apso.
He was so badly matted, I had to shave him.
Buddy was unhappy with that. It took three people to hold him down.
When we were done, he was smiling.

Meet Casey, a Schnauzer.
Casey was a delight to groom.
So special. So stealable.

Smile Casey!

A friendly Maltese after a comb-out.
And ready to be bathed.

These guys came in together.
It was my job to place them in the kennel to wait for grooming.
I didn't want to let them go.

Meet Mr. President.
Mr. President was a tiny Yorkie with a dynamite personality.
He was ballistic in the bathtub; he hated the dryer, and bounced around on the grooming table.
Trying to groom him was like grabbing greased lightning.
Mr. President tried my patience to the max.
I kept screaming,
"Mr. President!
Please, Mr. President!
Stop that, Mr. President!"
I was laughing so hard the entire time, I peed my pants.

This is Chloe, the Maltese.

This is Chloe.

This is Rocky, the Yorkie.
I just loved this guy and much like all the dogs I groom, I hated to send him home.

Meet Fancy.
After her groom.
Fancy is paralyzed from the waist down.
It didn't stop Fancy from fighting hard on the table.
Fancy does not fancy being groomed.

This is Daisy. After.
Daisy's owner said, "Shave Daisy."
So I did.
The next photo is Daisy--

Say hello to Daisy's Before photo.

I forget the name of this little guy.
But he was adorable and just like the rest,
left an indelible mark on my heart.
I loved doing him.

Here is that same little guy posing for a photo.

Meet Rex.
Rex is a pug. His owner said shave Rex.
Pugs have undercoats. It felt weird shaving this guy.
Rex is a lamb. Such a sweetheart.

This is Dice.
Dice got a bath, his nails trimmed, his potty and sanitary shaved.
And his body.
He was so docile and sweet,
I had to hold him up the entire time
I worked on him.

Just another day with another sweet client.

Tea Cup Yorkie and Me.

I loved school. I loved my teachers. I loved my classmates.
I loved learning. I loved my clients. I hated when school ended.
I loved how I spent my 2015 summer vacation.

Meet Mia. Mia is special.
Here is Mia on the table for her after shot.

This is a big guy.
I can't remember all the names,
but this Wheaton Terrier was delicious.
Great temperment.

An after shot of a beloved client.

Meet Oliver. Oliver is a little Havanese.
The Havanese is the official dog of Cuba.
They have great personalities and are very sweet and loving.
I love this guy.

Meet Brody, the English Cavalier/Poodle mix.
Lots of curly fur. A delight to groom.

Meet Pinky, the Maltese.
So sweet.

Say hello to Bella, a white Maltese
who is good as gold on a groomer's table.

Every day a different doggy on my table.
I got to fall in love again and again and again.
Greatest feeling in the world!

Potato Latkis. Yes. That's this Pomeranian's name.

Meet Kenny.
Kenny is a white Maltese.
Smile Kenny. I'm taking our photograph.

This is a photo of my "Shaggy" bite.
Shaggy was a dog on a classmate's grooming table I tried to keep from jumping off the table.
Thanks I got was a bite on the knuckle.
Some dogs are ungrateful. Just saying.

Mr. President.
All groomed and ready to go home.
And not too soon.
Mr. President was impossible.



Waiting patiently for his groom.
I just loved this guy.

This is Jade.
I fell in love with Jade.
I think of her every day.

Meet Toby the Pomeranian.
Toby went home looking like a Teddy Bear.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"Come journal with me.
Your book is yet to be."

Today's Writing Quote: 

Follow your dreams.

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