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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grand Central, Empire State Building, I Love NY, Day 50-Something Daily Writing Challenge; The Outtakes

There is sunshine out my window this early Saturday morning. Pretend Kitty curls round as a button at my feet while I remember days past. Save for the buzz of a traveling Roomba vacuuming my humble abode and a soft song sung by Jim Taylor playing my i-pod stuck in a speaker, I sit in silence. It's a brand new day, cause for celebration. Soon as I hit send I'm out the door. Plan to get me some of that new day. 

The following are outtakes, photos that didn't make it to the original posting, for no good reason, but I treasure just as much. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed living them.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

Writing Quotation:

"Look back only with gratitude. The happy moments created memories and the sad moments created character." -Author Unknown

Writing Tip:

Practice writing every day. Save fifteen minutes each morning for your writing passion. Give yourself permission to write the worse c**p. Seek a writer's tribe, other writers in your genre', make them your people; they will write with you, they will share work with, and you can rely on them to support your passion. Never mind they are long distance, live in cyberspace. and you've never met. There are writing workshops, writing seminars, writing circles and more and always the opportunity to meetup; one never knows where or when.


A ticket to view.

The inside of the Empire State Building is a maze
of roped halls. Making it to the 80th floor requires
guides and instruction and is half the fun of getting to the top.
A wall mural inside Empire State Building.

Floor buttons inside elevator to top of Empire State Building.
Grand Central Station. My favorite place.

Grand Central's star-studded ceiling is a magical site.

There is a restaurant located right in Grand Central.
I  couldn't resist. Yes. I stopped.

I never tire of seeing Grand Central

It was the end of a hot city day.
I had visited the Empire State Building,
had seen city sites, had walked steamy city blocks,
and kept a city appointment.
Best part was meeting a couple from Australia,
sipping wine, and sharing city stories before heading to Track 105.

Hustling back to meet my train home.

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