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Friday, November 14, 2014

Highlights Foundation, Clara Gillow Clark, Uncle Jack's Cabin, Cabin #15


Once a year this writer takes time to attend a Highlight's Foundation Unworkshop Retreat held in Boyds Mills, Pennsylvania. An Unworkshop Retreat is a special time. It is when I nurture my muse.

I use this time to work on my writing, review my writing goals, and think about what I want to write. At Boyds Mills, that's where the unworkshop is held, I take long silent walks, hike the woods, sit by a babbling brook and meditate, or meet with other writers and talk shop. If I like, I can take an early morning yoga class, or simply stay in my cabin and read, or sleep in.

This unworkshop is entitled, "Unretreat: Room to Create" and led by beloved editor, Clara Gillow Clark. Clara Gillow Clark, along with Jillian Sullivan, was the editor who helped with final edits to my book, A Gift of Love. Thanks to her, I was confident my book was perfect. I am grateful.

Breakfast, lunch and dinnertime at a Highlights unworkshop, like all workshops held here, is a special time. It is when a healthy, home-cooked meal is served and attendees come together to dine and share their answer to the big question, What are you working on?

This is my favorite time.

I like that I can fantasize, fictionalize, memorialize, or simply shout out a work in progress to every stranger at the table and not see one person roll their eyes when I do.

I have attended writing workshops in the past throughout the country, and I have met famous authors and editors and publishers, too. But. Only at Highlights do I receive individualized attention, private time to meet with an author, and an editor, and interested publisher, devoted to my progress as a writer. As Martha Stewart says, It's a good thing. *It's why I come back.*

So today if you're wondering where it is I am and what it is I am doing, think Honesdale, PA. Think Uncle Jack's cabin, cabin #15. Think cabin in the woods, my favorite writing place in the world, and where hopefully, I'll get a little writing done.

Now go write something. I dare you.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"Come journal with me. Your book is yet to be."

My cabin in the woods.
Uncle Jack's Cabin. Cabin #15.
Unretreat: A Time to Create

Writing Quotation:

"It's not about what's over the rainbow. It's more about the Yellow Brick Road, the people we meet, and the friends we make along the way."--A Gift of Love, by Linda Della Donna

Writing Tip:

I keep a notebook with a fast-writing pen handy at all times. I make a separate page in the back of my notebook for special notes. Think writing topics. I carry my notebook everywhere I go and whenever I have ten minutes, think doctor's office, traffic jam, or napping baby, I open my notebook, flip to back page for a writing topic, and I write like the wind.

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