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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Gift of Love Receives Four Star Review from Red City Review

Red City Review reviewed A Gift of Love -- And it received 4 STARS.  

A Gift of Love

 by Linda Della Donna

* * * *

In A Gift of Love, Linda Della Donna tells the story of her life and marriage with her soul mate Ed, and what their life was like before and after it all fell apart. Ed was diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly and within a year passed away. Donna narrates her story from all angles. The story starts out with Ed’s death and the pain and grief that she feels for the loss of her loved one. The story continues with outlining the beginning of their love story and how Ed and Linda met in New York in 1986. It was a pure chance and perfect one of a kind moment. From the beginning of this meeting, you could just tell these two were meant to be. Donna then continues to tell “their” story from describing the love they shared, their daily life routines, Ed’s cancer fight, his ultimate death, and her sorrows after losing her one of a kind love. Donna promised her husband that she would write a book in his memory because she wanted the world to know their love story and his fight with cancer.

Donna’s memoir is excellent because there is no attempt to hide the truth of the story; her emotions are conveyed across the book’s pages. The title of each chapter is the name of an emotion and also starts with a quote relating to that emotion, which was a very nice touch. ‘A Gift of Love’ is a heartfelt story about true love and a widow’s underlying love to share her husband’s story. This would be a wonderful gift for a widow who is suffering heartbreak and needs guidance from a person who has been there. This memoir teaches a valuable lesson, when you lose a spouse, life does go on, and love does live forever.

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