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Sunday, June 22, 2014

TWTMTW - That Was The Month That Was

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken - Oscar Wilde

Now that the month of June is coming to a close and summer is officially here, I will be off doing more summertime other thing. I'll be seeing Jersey boys, the movie, not the guys, and traveling. So for now, I'm sharing photographs of last few weeks.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

Nothing grander than having a grand son.
Here I am with grand son H
and his favorite book, Chica Chica Boom
at Virginia Road Elementary School
on the day I was "Mystery" Reader
in Mrs. Lewis's Kindergarten Class.

Me, Grand daughter Z, and Grand son H.

Summer bouquet.
Flowers? For ME?

BookExpo of America 2014 is come and gone.
But the memories of meeting famous
 authors, editors, publishers, illustrators, librarians,
teachers, and getting all those free books lives on. 

Preparing for a book-signing -- Mine!

My *hand-over-mouth* birthday was this month.
I planned a party.
I rented out a miniature golf place and invited my two best friends,
Grand daughter, Z and Grand son H.
I cooked lobster. And I ate it, too.

I attended a "Barn Dance."

This is the field where cars parked.
*If you look far left top corner, you'll see Big Blue. Big Blue is my car*

I met new people. I made new friends.

There was a real barn. There was real barn dance.
I danced.

This is my friend, professional foodie, Ivey Levy.
*click on Ivey's name and you'll find my article written under my pseudonym, Linda Sclier*
I dined.

More new friends.
That's John Vargo, Editor/Publisher/Sales
Boating on the Hudson on the left.

Happy Summer.

See you in September.

Linda Della Donna
Author of A Gift of Love

Writing Tip:

Get yourself an inexpensive bag, something to carry your laptop, notebook, cameras, pens and papers. It doesn't need to be anything fancy or expensive. My desk-in-a-bag *that's what i call it* is an inexpensive leather large handled tote, something I purchased at Over 21 on a shopping spree in NYC. Cost: $29. I like that it has a wide bottom and magnetic catch. The wide bottom helps keep items in place, and the magnetic catch keeps everything from falling out. Some of my "desks-in-a-bag" are canvas boat bags with zipper tops. They are great. They are water proof and take a good beating while protecting the contents--my writing.

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