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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Wrong With this Picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Today the sky is gray as an elephant's ear. From where I sit and type, a smattering of rain dots a windowed view that frames a couple of overstuffed leather chairs posed in front of it.  I sip a cup of coffee, black, no cream, no sugar, type and rub my left shoulder, switch hands, and rub my right shoulder. My shoulders ache.

I got a shot in the arm today. Make that two shots. One in each arm. It happened at my doctor's office. My doctor, a slender man with kind eyes, no gray hair, no wrinkled brow, holds a stethoscope to my chest. Pulling the bud of a stethoscope out one ear he asks do you want to get the pneumonia vaccine today? He says it's a one time shot, which means it will protect you from getting  pneumonia.

I nod.

As the good doctor drills my left arm, he says how old are your grandchildren? I say four and five. He says I recommend you get the shingles shot. He says shingles is a dreadful disease.

I wonder out loud about risks of getting the shingles shot saying if I take that shot, Doctor, will I get shingles? No he says, adding the shingles shot will cut your risk of getting shingles in half. If you do get shingles, he says, it will be a less severe case. I purse my lips. He says I gave this shot to my parents.

I nod.

The doctor hands me a piece of paper. The piece of paper is a waiver. In order for me to get the shingles shot, I must sign this waiver. The waiver states that insurance will not cover this vaccine and I agree to pay the charge of $225.

I say hmmm. Insurance won't cover the vaccine that will protect me from getting a terrible disease, but if I refuse to get the shingles shot, and I get shingles, insurance will cover costs to make me better, like a prescription, a doctor's visit, and even if I have to go to the hospital? Right?

The good doctor smiles. He says I don't know what level education you have, but you are one very smart lady.

Be well. Stay safe. Keep cute.
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Linda Della Donna
Author of A Gift of Love

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