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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happiness: My Mailbag Runneth Over and Thank You

If anyone asks for your autograph, they're showing you respect and give it back to them.
--John Lydon

Dear Reader,

It is early morning. Where I live a buffalo cloud puffs a turquoise sky while a small wind ruffles a curtained window. From a distance, I can hear a train whistle blowing, a signal that the train from Pawling bound for Grand Central is passing through the nearby train station. On my kitchen table rests an opened envelope, an item from today's mail. I snapped a photo of its contents to post here on BookOrBust. 

Since writing A Gift of Love, and chronicling my writing journey, I get mail. I get lots and lots of mail.

It is a huge compliment to arrive home at the end of a long day and discover upon unlocking my mailbox that somebody somewhere someplace took time from their busy life to write to me, include a copy of my book, and request I sign it. My green eyes well up just thinking about it. I am honored. I am grateful.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life."

Note to BH: Thank you for being my friend.

Writing Tip:

Under all circumstances, keep writing.

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