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Friday, April 4, 2014

Virginia Road Elementary School: Special Person Day

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." --Mr. Rogers

In the neighborhood where I live, there is gray sky and a sprinkling of rain. More rain is predicted. But it doesn't matter. Not to me, anyway. Because from where I sit typing this blog post, the sun is shining brightly, if only on me.

Here is the reason.

Today is Special Person Day at Virginia Road Elementary School. Virginia Road is where grandson, H, attends kindergarten. Today is the special day specially set aside for honoring the special person in a kindergartener's life.

And guess what?

Grandson H, chose ME to be his "Special Person."

This is the entrance to Virginia Road School. It has a view of the parking lot. In 1980, I looked out this same door. It was same day I visited grandson's dad's kindergarten class.

Yes, it felt weird. The door seemed so  much larger back then.

Special sign-in sheets for Special Persons

I showed my Driver's License to Security, signed my name, and was directed to H's classroom.

All the Special People waiting to sign their name.

Hall Art on "Main" Street.

H's work. Yes, I am proud!

Of course this caught my eye.
Can you guess why?

Special People are served a special breakfast:
Bagels, croissants, cinnamon muffins, coffee, tea, 
and orange juice. Yum!

 Happiness is H smiling proudly.
H says DaDee, "Will you take a picture of me
with my lunchbox?"
"But of course."

It's storytime. Special Persons are treated to a

This is Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lewis.
Mrs. Lewis is patient, kind, and loving. She makes me wish to be a kid again.
I now know why H says, "DaDee, I love school!"

Hunter says, "DaDee, can I take your picture with Mrs. Lewis?"
"But of course."

I will cherish the memory of today forever. Posting it to BookOrBust on the internet insures H will, too.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Special Person

Today's Writing Quote:

"That's all folks!" --Porky Pig

Linda Della Donna is author of A Gift of Love. She is a freelance writer and photographer. She wrote A Gift of Love to fulfill a promise.

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