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Thursday, April 3, 2014

TBT: AHHS, 1965, and A Gift of Love

TBT = ThrowBack Thursday.

Today, BookOrBust steps back in time with photographs and memories from days gone by when I was a Junior at Alexander Hamilton High.

It is the year 1965, and I remember. Do you?

Until this time, next time dear reader, be well, stay safe, and keep cute.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Author of
A Gift of Love

It is 1965, my homeroom teacher is Mr. Richard L. Goodwin.
My homeroom is #205.
Rex Rescigno sits in front of me,
Robert Black sits next to me,
and Kenny White sits in back of me.
We are all friends.
Good friends.
One afternoon while waiting for the 2:20  p.m. dismissal bell to ring
we talk about last names sayin
if Robert Black is white and his last name is White
and if Kenny White is black and his last name is White,
we laugh out loud, and ask why is that?

In 1965, Susan Suller
is voted Junior class homecoming queen.
I remember Susan posed in back seat of a Cadillac.
She is dressed in blue chiffon and a bunny fur wrap the color of snow.
She is beautiful.
And I am so proud to point and say
see that girl? That girl is my friend!

In 1965, class rings cost $25 and a yearbook costs $5.
I earn money to purchase both working part-time in the
Jewelry Department at Master's on
Route 9A. My pay is $1.25/hour.
I don't ask my parents for money, They don't have it to give.
I don't use the car, my father uses it for work.
I don't ask for a ride. My job is a mile from from where we live.
I walk. Both ways.

Coach needs no introduction.
He was tough on the boys and gentle as a lamb with the girls.
I remember him with love and respect.

Who can forget our great teachers?
Did you have a favorite?
I did.
I bless the memories.

Hey Lorraine, there's your Uncle Walt.

Here's to the class of 1965.

They were great.

Maybe it is the way the girls walk the senior staircase,
or because the guys dress in jacket and tie without being asked,
or perhaps it's the respectful way they treat all underclassmen,
but I am in awe of AHHS Senior class.

Flipping the pages I wonder, where are they now?

I remember Georgette Mehrman.
Georgette and I used to skip school to go to Oakland Beach.
She helped me ink the mimeograph machine and taught me how
to run off the exams. Remembere purple ink? And the smell?

In 1965, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Bullis,
I am elected president of my Junior class.
I campaign as a write-in vote. I win by a landslide.
Great memories. Great year.

That's Majorette Merry Jane Tricarico leading the band in upper left corner .
I am the kid to the left holding the slide trombone.

In 1965, all our hearts were young and gay.
Or so it seems. In 1965, I was head of costumes and worked backstage
learning and gaining confidence for a future performance.

This photo is taken from last page in yearbook.
So many familiar faces, and I remember them all.
I remember the moment this photo was snapped.
I'm the short girl in the back. Do you recognize the top of my head?

To Class of 1965, thanks for the memories.

A Gift of Love was written to fulfill a promise.
It is available at Archway Publishing,, Barnes and Noble
and wherever books are sold.

Writing Prompt:

I remember ...

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