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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What Readers Are Saying About, Letters, and A Gift of Love

"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life" --Linda Della Donna

I get comments. I get lots and lots of comments.

I am grateful.

Today I share just a few of the comments left at Griefcase from widows throughout the world.

These comments help to teach that widows are not alone. They touch my mended broken heart. They make me wish for a giant eraser to erase away all the pain.

From M:
I lost my soul mate of three years on January 23, 2011. We were a young couple and everything was happiness. We have no children. I feel so completely alone. But today I found your website. It helps. It gives me ideas on how to keep walking straight.

From A:
Thank-you. Everyone tells me to go on with my life. My husband was my life, heart, and soul.

From L:
I have just found this website. I have only lost my husband 3 months ago and your 5 Don'ts to Remember have told me more than the counselor has I have been going to. Thank you.

From AG:
Thank you for these words. I lost my husband of less than a year although we were together for 17 years before we married in 2009. We spent a "lifetime" together but to us we were just beginning. He passed away a year ago this month and I miss him terribly. This is the hardest pain to overcome, but I believe he gives me the strength to get through each and every day. If you all had a tight bond with your soulmate, you know what I mean. I'm just taking it a day at a time. Our husbands are with us every step of the way. Believe that. Until we are with our mates again, LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE.

From D:
I lost my husband of 46 years, 1 month and 23 days ago. I've had days when I do airly well and more days when everything hits me and I spend the day remembering and crying. But I've found a way to make myself feel some better. I wanted to try writing things down but that wasn't for me so I talk to his picture and tell him what I'm going to do for the day or some mornings just good Morning but before I go to bed I tell him what all I've done during the day and ask him for the strength to get through another day and I believe its helping. I've felt some stronger this past wk since starting this. Someone told me whatever works is the right thing and I believe this is the right thing for me.

From L:
My husband of 33 years died suddenly and unexpectedly the day before Thanksgiving. I have an adult daughter, son and daughter in love, and a loving praying church family. And I feel so very alone. My faith is unshaken but there seems to be no joy. The days are endless and empty. I am doing all the right things, and avoiding all the pitfalls of anger and isolation and alcohol, but it all seems so very empty. I miss him each moment and cry all the time.

Linda Della Donna is a poet, photographer, writer and coaches widows through the grief process. Recently, she fulfilled a promise to her late husband and wrote a book, A Gift of Love. Feel free to friend her on Facebook 

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