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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There is Something About Lake Placid, Making Memory, and A Gift of Love

There is something about Lake Placid. And it is a reach for this writer to describe the good feeling I get each time I make a visit to this calm village.

Maybe it's the clean fresh air that bubbles its unspoiled mountain views that charms me. Perhaps it's the friendliness of the people who live and work here and greet me with a smile.

All I know is I am hooked, and I keep coming back.

Here are a few photographs that tell my story about what it is I've been doing since Monday.

I hope you enjoy viewing them.

The Northway is a quiet scenic road. You know you are on it when you don't see another car *okay, maybe you see one other car*.

I took grandson, H, along for company this trip. A treat for me, a memory to be made for him.

The Steel Bridge

You know you're getting close to Exit 30 when the weather shifts and you see snow.
We have arrived our hotel. And this is the view from our room.

My travel buddy, Grandson H. Before heading out for a walk about town, I snap a photo.

This is the road to our hotel. It is snowy icy and steep. But Big Blue, Big Blue is my car, does the job.

Mirror Lake is frozen rock solid.  So we walk it. Along the way, we meet a friendly dog.

H discovers a snow structure. I snap a photo.

Mirror Lake on a cold wintry afternoon.

We walk Main Street. That's H peeking the view through the wrought iron fence.

H makes a new friend.

Lake Placid has a library. *Ahhh, something for me.*

Lake Placid has a candy store. *Ahhhh, something for H*

It is Tuesday early morning. Temperature is -20 degrees F. Big Blue starts. No problem.

Whiteface Mountain. Time to get in a few runs.

H does the snowboard trail with an instructor.

It is the end of the day. We return to the hotel. Imagine. This is the view. H takes a nap. I order a burger with fries, glass of Chianti, and drink in the view.

Linda Della Donna is a writer and memoirist. She fulfilled a promise and wrote A Gift of Love. Available at Archway Publishing. 

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