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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Justin Bieber, Archway Publishing, and A Gift of Love

It's not about what's over the rainbow.
It is more about
The Yellow Brick Road,
the people we meet,
the friends we make along the way.

--From A Gift of Love

I am sitting in my local book store typing this blog post. I just pinched myself.

Again. Again. And, again.

My book is posed on the biography shelf in White Plains, New York. It is the same book shelf in the same book store that I have visited a million times and dared to dream a million times one million times more that one day I would see my book, A Gift of Love, staring back at me.

Today is January 25, 2014. My dream is come true.

And to think it happened because I said I promise...

Linda Della Donna

P.S. Note to Justin Bieber. Call me. I want to interview you.

Writing Tip:

Be true to your passion. Honor it. Carry a pen, notebook and camera everywhere you go. Write something. Snap a photo.

Writing Quote:

Be patient. Be diligent. It is all inside you. Keep writing. Your time will come

Linda Della Donna is a writer and photographer. Her work has appeared in Westchester Parenting and the Journal News. She lives in White Plains, New York with her pretend kitty, Tux.

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