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Friday, January 24, 2014

Governor Chris Christie, Time Off, and A Gift of Love

I'm back!

After a three-day ski trip to Whiteface Mountain (my much needed break from writing, rewriting, editing, re-editing my book), I am returned to my humble abode in a suburb of New York.

I am rested, re-energized, and blissfully happy.

Today, I remember fondly my Monday through Thursday break, my drive up The Northway and skiing Whiteface Mountain with favorite traveling buddy, grandson H.

And I am returned to the task of moving forward with A Gift of Love.

To my surprise, in my absence, I learned A Gift of Love was published.

I was riding the chair lift up Whiteface Mountain when my cell phone went off. The temperature was -17 F. I wore mittens and glove liners. My goggles were fogged and iced my vision. I gripped ski poles and the lift bar. My ringing cell phone was tucked neatly inside a jacket zippered pocket.

I was on solid ground when I checked to find out who called me. It was after I skied a fast loop to the base lodge, parked my skis and poles, undressed my hands, head and face, and hit the missed call button. An excited voice answered.

Your book is published! Congratulations!

I had no clue. Really.

I didn't sleep last night.

Not a wink.

Until we e-meet again,

Linda Della Donna
Author of
A Gift of Love

P. S. Governor Christie. Call me. This writer wants to interview you.

I part the curtains of Room 103 at the Crowne Plaza and inhale.
My day begins with a crisp clear view.
I bless myself. I am grateful. 

H orders bacon and orange juice.
He peeks a Good Morning at me.
I count my blessings.
This writer is an aging baby boomer.
I am in good health. I got a grand son. I ski.
I wrote A Gift of Love.
I am grateful!

The drive from Crowne Plaza to Whiteface passes Sentinel Road,
home of a train museum.
These are real trains.
H loves trains.
So we stop.
We make a memory.
I am grateful.

The Museum is closed for the winter.
Dang. I didn't know. Guess we'll just have to return in warm weather.
We trudge virgin snow.
H says I want to see the train!

I snap a photo. 

Okay. I snap two photos.

I drop H at snowboard school. Snowboard school gives me a just-in-case beeper. I am instructed to call them if it beeps.
Time for me to board the chair lift at Bunny Hill to the other side of Whiteface.
We'll meetup later.

From the chairlift, I see H trek up the mountain for a snowboard run.
I am proud as a princess. And yes, I am grateful. 

A pit stop to snap a photo alongside the Ausable River.
My book, A Gift of Love, shows a photo of me alongside this same river.
For sentimental reasons, I snap a photo of H.
It is biting cold and the air is frigid. Today, it is -25 F.
H says he wants to snap a photo of me.
I talk him out of it.
I can't bear the thought of him removing his gloves.
I worry his tiny fingers will freeze.
I love H!

Big Blue loaded, I buckle H. We are headed home.
The expression on H's face tells all.
We hate to leave this beautiful place.

Linda Della Donna is a writer, photographer, and author of A Gift of Love. On sale now. Be sure to check with your local bookseller for your copy.


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful memories for H and you.

Linda Della Donna said...

Thank you, Anonymous, whoever you are.