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Friday, December 13, 2013


"I get a warm feeling when I'm doing well, but that
pleasure is pretty much negated by the pain of getting
started each day. Let's face it; writing is hell." --William Styron

"At its best, the sensation of writing is that of an
unmerited grace. It is handed to you, but only if you
look for it. You search,, you break your heart, your back,
your brain, and then-and only then-it is handed to you."--Annie Dillard

"There was a story in the local newspapers just
last week about a psychological study done among
the teachers at Iowa writers program.
As I recall it, eight out of ten of the writer/teachers
were found to be clinically ill, usually with depression
or manic depression, compared with three out of eight
non-writer professionals in a control group.
So yes, being crazy does seem to be a "marker" for writers.
We always suspected it, didn't we?"--Norman Snider

"You have to sink way down to a level of hopelessness and
desperation to find the book that you can write."--Susan Sontag

"Writing a book is a horrible exhausting struggle, like a long
bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake
such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon
whom one can neither resist nor understand."--George Orwell

"I feel every morning that I am on trial
for my life and will not be acquitted."--Van Wyck Brooks

"Inner certainty is not the self-confidence that writers
are supposed to feel when they sit down to write.
It is not what Thoreau had in mind when he boasted,
'You have to be strong in the legs to write.' If there is a
writer who is not filled with fear and trembling as he
begins and begins and begins, he has to be an amateur."--Alfred Kazin

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