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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Grateful Day and Sounds of Silence

...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life.


Hear that?

That's the sound of silence.

Precious quiet.

I am sitting in the barn typing today's blog post on my laptop while a piano concerto on Pandora serenades me. It has been a good week attending my unguided writer's retreat in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. There is no one here. It is just me and the golden sounds of silence that echo my brain.

Out my window there is no screaming fire engine racing to put out a fire to distract me from my writing; there is no honking horn from a speeding automobile, or roar of jet airplane overhead mingling with a whistling MetroNorth train rushing from Brewster to Grand Central to jostle my brain.

Today, this precious special moment, on the twenty-second day of November 2013, the day that I lovingly refer to as The Grateful Day, there is simply the sounds of silence to nurture my muse.

How lucky can one writer get?

A Gift of Love is done.

At this time, I am working through the publication and marketing phase of my soon-to-be-published memoir. I confess, I am a book virgin. It is my first time. I am filled with peace and joy knowing I have fulfilled a promise. Regardless of the outcome, I just want you to know that I have given it my all. It is as ready as it will ever be. And like the rest of my life, it is in God's hands.

I am grateful for sounds of silence. Silence can be a useful tool for a writer.

I am grateful for my laptop. I am grateful I had enough shekels to make it happen.

I am grateful for Pandora. Pandora is free and piano music playing softly as I write is a treat.

I am grateful for my manuscript. I am grateful I finally got the courage to come out of my writer's closet and publish it.

I am grateful for good neighbors, new-found friends, readers and widows and writers and grandchildren H and Z, a pretend kitty, and authors and Facebook friends throughout the world who have encouraged me and continue to do so. I think of them every time I pick up my pen to write. I am grateful for their many acts of lovingkindess in supporting me and validating the work I do. I am so excited and I look forward to publication. It is my dream to someday hold a writing workshop of my very own. And I am grateful for that.

Yes,on this silent solitary day, I am grateful--For yesterday, today, tomorrow and, always for all the blessings mentioned above. They shadow me and light my path.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Author of soon-to-be-published,
"A Gift of Love."

Today's Inspirational Quote:

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.--Clara Gillow Clark, from her book, "Secrets of Greymoor."

Today's Writing Tip:

Carry a pen and notebook everywhere you go. And write something, if only one word. Go ahead. I dare you.

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