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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Grateful Day and a Cabin in the Woods

My workstation this week.
I sure do love this view!

Today is Sunday, November 17, 2013. Outside my window is a wooded view the color of burnt umber.

I sit at wooden desk, sip a cup of coffee, no cream no sugar, and write this blog post. I have driven more than three hours to get here. Here is a cabin in the woods in Pennsylvania. With no park lot view to blind my brain, no blaring sirens from passing fire engines or police cars to interrupt my train of thought, and best of all, nobody to knock on the door to ask me would I be interested in having FIOS installed--How many times must I say no?--I intend to get a little writing done.

At this time, I am in final phase of publishing A Gift of Love. I need a little quiet time.

I have writer friends who travel all over the world to write in quiet. While I applaud their efforts, I do not envy what they must go through to have it. They must have a passport, visa, plane tickets, and spend thousands of dollars. Today I count my blessings. I am grateful I got Big Blue, Big Blue is my car. I am grateful for a tank of gas. I am grateful that I live a three hour drive away from my special place, the one I hold near and dear to my heart. I am grateful for Kent Brown, publisher of Highlights for Children magazine, who performs many acts of lovingkindess, especially to me. I am grateful for Highlights Foundation and the inspirational place for artists and authors that they have created. I am grateful for the memory of Uncle Jack and his special cabin that I get to spend time in. I am grateful for today, this blessed second and the wonderful writing week ahead of me in the company of other writers.

Here are today's photographs. I hope  you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed snapping them.

Uncle Jack's Cabin, my favorite writing space.
I just love the view.

My cabin has twin beds.
I feel like Goldilocks wondering which one will I sleep in tonight.

Got a refrigerator, too and my own coffeemaker.
That's Big Blue parked outside my window in the distance.
Like I said, I just love the view.

This is the main barn where I will be served three hot wonderful home-cooked meals every day. It is the place I will go to tomorrow morning for Yoga, meet with other authors, and inhale the warmth and love of the place I have come to think of as home.

Say good-night Linda. Good-night Linda.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Author of soon-to-be published
"A Gift of Love."


Jillian Sullivan said...

Thank you for the photos and the memories they invoke. May you be blessed all week, and the other writers, and Kent as well!

LindaDellaDonna said...

Dearest Jillian,
How I miss you. How I wish you were here. This afternoon, through a misty foggy rain, I looked at my next-door cabin, a desk light peeked a widow, and I immediately thought of you.
I have returned. And I didn't even have to ask for Uncle Jack's Cabin. They already had it prepared and waiting. Of course, I will share with Kent and all the writers of your wonderful long-distance blessing. Be well. Stay safe. Keep cute. See you in print,