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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Wednesday, August 23rd, Promise Fulfilled, Happy Place

My Happy Place

To my friends in cyberspace, that includes facebook and writer groups and secret writing loops I frequent:

Please don't look for a BookOrBust post from me, Friday, August 23rd. Because I won't be here to do that post thing.


Because that is the day that marks a special occasion for this writer.

It is the date of my late husband's birthday. It is my self-imposed deadline to fulfill my promise to Ed Sclier to write his story. And, it is the date my publisher takes my completed manuscript, "A Gift of Love, A Widow's Memoir".


My deadline is met.

My manuscript is in hands of a publisher.

And, my promise to my late husband to write a book is fulfilled. Well, almost.

I'm planning a huge celebration. Really.

I have even invited two small pals, grandson H, and granddaughter Z, and their 2 small pals and their 2 small pals and so on and so on, to my special celebration to be held at my favorite playground. There will be an ice cream cupcake cake, paper dishes, plastics spoons, bright paper napkins the colors of a box of Crayola Crayons, and bubbles--lots of bubbles. There will be singing and dancing in the grass. And hugs. Yes, there will be hugs. Lots and lots and lots of hugs. If you're in the neighborhood, you're invited.

I know this sounds out of the ordinary, maybe even peculiar and odd to a non-widowed person, and a non-writer. But since burying my husband, that is exactly what my life has become,--a little out of the ordinary, perhaps a bit peculiar and odd. But joyful. Really.

And, when I think about it, does it really matter how I mark my special occasion, or what another person thinks about how I mark it?

Because, widow, writer, grandmother, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, we all learn, sooner or later, life's important lesson,--when you lose a spouse, life goes on.

Now go write something.

I dare you.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life."

Writing Tip:

Find a Happy Place. And visit it often. Take mental snapshots. If you got a digital camera, take real ones. Later, when you sit down to do writing practice, sift the landscape of your brain, or uploaded photos for favorite captured memories--something that sparkles your mind's eye about your Happy Place and keep your pen moving.

Writing Quote:

"Good writers define reality; bad ones merely restate it. A good writer turns fact into truth; a bad writer will, more often than not, accomplish the opposite." --Edward Albee

5 comments: said...

This is so grand, Linda!
Not just for your promise to another- but for your promise to yourself...

LindaDellaDonna said...

Yes. And it only took me 9 years. :) Thanks so much for your avid support.


Anonymous said...

It does not matter how long it took you to "get 'er done". It matters that you did it. You kept your promise.... H.G.

LindaDellaDonna said...

Thank you, HG.


LindaDellaDonna said...

Yes. And it only took me 9 years. :) Thanks so much for your avid support.