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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Highlights for Children, Honesdale, PA

This past week, I was in Honesdale, Pennsylvania attending a Highlights Foundation writer-in-residence writing retreat.

 Hosted by Jillian Sullivan, poet, author, educator, administrator, teacher, lecturer, and new best friend, I learned lessons in "alliteration" and "assonance;" received validation on being a writer, and contrary to necessity sitting in silence in order to scribble and write something, I met other writers who do same thing as me, proving once and for all, I am not alone.

I love to take photographs. Here are a few highlights from Highlights in Honesdale. *I hope you enjoy viewing them, as much as I have enjoyed snapping them.*

This is a cabin in the woods of Honesdale, one of many. Each writer is assigned their very own cabin to live in while attending a Highlights Foundation writing workshop. Fully equipped, it has heat for chilly months, and airconditioner, for those "other" months. All the comforts of a new home, there is a small refrigerator stocked with assorted sodas and juices, coffee and coffee maker, and coffee mugs. There is shampoo, soap and plenty of tissues, and under the bathroom sink, there is even a hairdryer.

This is "Uncle Jack's Cabin, Cabin #15."
When writers from around the world travel to Honesdale to take a Highlights workshop, they can expect a cabin just like this. 

Meet Author Jillian Sullivan from New Zealand and Highlights' Summer Intern, Madelyn Carson.
When not instructing, Jillian enjoys evening pre-dinner cocktail and wine and cheese parties. Madelyn makes certain all requests are filled. Vegetarian? Gluten free diet? Want a half a grapefruit for breakfast? No problem. Madelyn and all Highlights' staff is there to serve you. Your every request is their desire.
At a Highlights workshop, if you want to work outside your private cabin in the woods, there is always a private place to spread out to work on a project. Printers, paper, pencils, pens, markers, and more are convenient and accessible. Highlights has WiFi, too. Here is author, Tom Ohl, working a non-fiction book.
Friends I made:

L-R, Teacher, Jillian Sullivan, Barbara Garriel, Tom Ohl, Michon Kerlin, Madelyn Carson, and Margie Flintom.
"The Barn" at Highlights in Honesdale.
Where all those great classes are held.
The kitchen is in this huge cabin. The place where all those happy memories were made.

The view.

It's been a wonderful week. I am grateful.

Writing Tip:

Check out a Highlights Foundation writing workshop--you don't gotta be a children's writer to attend one. Yet.

Writing Quote:

"'I think you should go,' said Maggie.
'Just think how far you'll be able to see from way up there.'" -- Highlights, July 2013


calum thesecretwriter said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed the retreat Linda. Thanks for sharing! :-)

LindaDellaDonna said...

I appreciate your comment. It was a treat, for sure! ;)

Jillian Sullivan said...

Thanks for the photos and memories LInda. I loved spending the week with you all. Happy writing!

LindaDellaDonna said...

Dear Jillian, Thank for stopping by BookOrBust. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to attending your next writer's retreat conference. I miss you every day.
Until then, see you in print,