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Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Angst

It is the first day of the 2013 A-Z Writing Challenge. Last night I tossed and turned about what to write on my blog. I guess I could say I experienced Angst about the 2013 A-Z Writing Challenge.

So, in honor of the 2013 A-Z Writing Challenge, I offer Absolutely Anything About Angst quotations. I hope you enjoy reading about quotations about angst as much as I have enjoyed collecting and sharing them.

Have a great writing day.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"Come journal with me; your book is yet to be."

"A professional writer, by definition, is a person clothed in self-denial who each and almost every day will plead with eloquent lamentation that he has a brutal burden on his mind and soul, will summon deep reserves of discipline' as seriatim antidotes to any domestic chore, and, drawing the long and face of the pale poet, will rise above his dread of his dreaded working chamber, excuse himself from the idle crowd, go into his writing sanctum, shut the door, shoot the bolt, and in lonely sacrifice turn on the tube and watch the Mets game."--John McPhee

"Every compulsion is put on writers to become safe, polite, obedie3nt and sterile."--Sinclair Lewis

"Writing stopped being fun when I discovered the difference between good writing and bad, and even more terrifying the difference between it and true art. And after that, the whip came down."--Truman Capote

"An incurable itch for scribbling takes possession of many and grows inveterate in their insane hearts."--Juvenal


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed reading the variety of quotes today! (Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.)

VikLit said...

What a great set of quotes to pick, I loved this. visiting from A-Z!

LindaDellaDonna said...

Thanks for stopping by Harvest Moon by Hand. Really appreciate your taking the time to view BookOrBust and leaving a comment.

LindaDellaDonna said...

Hello VikLit,
Thanks for taking time to stop and read BookOrBust. Glad you like the quotes.