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Monday, March 4, 2013

Whiteface, NY - Mountain Rules

There is no crying on the mountain.

There is no screaming; no yelling, and under no conditions do you got permission to throw a tantrum.

There is no complaining, no moaning, no saying I want to go home.

On the mountain, mountain rules say do as you are told, do not question authority, practice Safety and have Fun!

Oh yes, and one more rule most important of all--

What DaDee says, goes.

It is about 300 miles from where I hang my skis to White Face Mountain. Located in the town of Wilmington, NY, approximately 13 miles from Lake Placid, Whiteface, home to 1932 and 1980 Olympics, is the place I took my four year old grandson, H, to learn how to snowboard and make a lasting memory.

I have been to the mountain before. My first visit to Whiteface was in 2011. I had read an online advertisement about a beautiful place to ski. It was situated in the Adirondacks. It boasted highest elevation, 4,685', in the northeast. And, there was a lodge, Mirror Lake Inn, complete with indoor pool, hot tub and spa in Lake Placid, supplying daily transportation, running a discounted 4-night special.

Maybe it was the photograph hawking a 360-degree view of the Adirondacks glimpsing Vermont and Canada that got my attention. Or, maybe it was the frosted window framing a comfy sofa in front of a stone fireplace with glowing fire in it that grabbed my mind. All I know is before I knew it, I was booked--loading Big Blue *Big Blue is my car* with suitcase, skis, boots and polls--and on my way.

My first visit to the Adirondacks gave me courage. If I could ski the "Face," I knew I could do anything. After my day of skiing, hanging out with friendly visitors from around the globe and slipping quarters into the juke box at Cloudspin Lodge while sipping a Bloody Mary, and returning to the Inn for a good night's sleep before starting my next new day and doing same thing all over again, I was hooked and knew I would be back for more.

January 2013 arrived and there I was--back at Mirror Lake Inn. By now I had my routine down. I knew the daily hourly shuttle bus that runs door-to-mountain; the cheery mountain ticket ladies, friendly mountainside barmaids, Spa Inn ladies that massage tenderly  weary sore muscles, the bubbly hot tub, large sauna, and so much more. Best, I was now the familiar face--welcomed and remembered. Nevermind I am a single solo traveler--nobody does that solo travel thing anymore, except me--nobody on the mountain or Inn cared. And at end of new ski week, I knew I would be back for more.

This past week I did that return visit thing. Only this time, I took my Grandson. I wanted to make a golden memory with and for him. And we did. Each new bright white day, while Grandson H learned snowboarding in snowboard school at Kids' Kampus, I skied green circles and bright blue squares, plus a few single diamonds. I made new friends, played the juke box and relished in the knowledge I was giving a gift of love to a wide-eyed boy.

Today I share photos of my trip. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

Mountain View

Mirror Lake Inn Fireplace

DaDee and Grand Son H

Writing Tip:

Follow your dreams.

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"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life."--Linda Della Donna

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