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Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Ravens!.

It is Monday. Outside my window is a blanket of white the color of snow. Sitting on my sofa, sipping cup of black coffee, no cream, no sugar, I stare at a frosty sidewalk scattered with rock salt glistening in the morning sun. I spent all day yesterday lazing about my home space--reading, resting and watching Super Bowl XVII--Go Ravens! I didn't write. I didn't snap photos. I didn't worry.

One of the things I have learned about writing, for me anyway, is the importance of my creating a work schedule. And, locating a place to do it. Yes, I can work and write at home. I have a home office complete with desktop computer, and printer. As Martha Stewart says that is a good thing.

But, the down side about having a home office, for me anyway, is I get distracted.


Soon as I sit down at my desk to work on my manuscript, an essay for a writing contest, some query letter to an editor to consider me for a writing assignment, or to do a writing practice, before I know it, I am scrubbing the toilet bowl, cleaning out Tux's litter box, or spending time polishing shoes stashed on floor in back of a bedroom closet. Anything not to focus on my writing.

It is amazing how much time I can waste resisting my writing.

It is not writer's block, it is what I refer to as writer's crock.

Imagine, in noisy Starbuck's, located in busy ridge, in nearby village, far from home office, and in the din of voices echoing above the clattering and clanking blenders whirring cups of frappacino's, I am able to concentrate, focus at a task at hand, and to get a little writing done.

Writing Quote:

"The closer you get, the greater resistance." --Natalie Goldberg

Writing Tip:

Discover what works for you. For me, it is important I rise early, dress like I am going to work, and getting out my door--traveling to a place filled with noise and activity. I track this learned behavior back to my years when I worked as a secretary and sat in a windowless office. Back then, I worked in a highway of office machines and supported 26 engineers, or worse, 18 attorneys. It was all about deadlines. Getting the job done. And maintaining focus.

How about you? What is your secret to getting a little writing done?

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

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