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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BookBaby -- Yours, Mine and Theirs

I am researching ebook publishers.

Today I am all about

BookBaby is an online eBook publisher. One click on the url and a pop-up appears offering a downloadable BookBaby catalog. The pop-up states it is the one-stop shopping guide for ebook publishing custom-printed books and much more. My job is find out what that language represents and much more.

Pricing through BookBaby for an ebook starts at $99 for Basic Package; $149 for Standard Package, and $249 for Premium Package.

In addition to cost of package, there is a $19 fee, which is per title and per year.

At BookBaby, Basic $99 Package offers the following:

  • Free phone and email customer service and support
  • Distribution to your selected retail partners
  • 100% payout of net sales back to authors
  • $100 coupon off custom-printed books

The $149 Standard Package includes all of above, with following:

  • 14-point ebook preflight checklist. (Preflight checklist? Here's where this author raises her eyebrows.)
  • epub and .mobi (no, I do not know what a .mobi is) conversion from most source files including Word, PDF and many more. *Author's Note: I have no idea what the language "and many more" refers to, because it is my golden rule that a writer be specific.* 
  • Post-conversion QC *what is a "QC"?* check on popular eReaders. 
  • Up to 10 free graphic elements

Next is $249 Premium Package entitling an author to everything in Basic and Standard Packages, plus:

  • Up to 50 free graphic elements
  • Font and format review
  • ePub format proof prior to distribution
  • Review of online retail store selling information
  • $30 Coupon off ebook Cover Design
  • Priority processing and delivery to retailers *Author's Note: Does this mean that Basic and Standard Packages customers receive inferior service?*
  • 60 Day free trial for Host Baby for Authors. *Got no clue what "Host Baby" means.*

In addition, there are two Cover Design and Graphic packages:

$149 for Basic Cover
$279 for Deluxe Cover

And, as an added flavor, BookBaby will obtain an Author's ISBN number. The charge for this service is $19. This includes' BookBaby's "unique" barcode so that their partners can identify his/her book in the digital marketplace and report sales accordingly. *Author's Note: Does this mean if I already got a ISBN number, I must pay additional monies for BookBaby's "unique" barcode?*

My book baby, "A Gift of Love," has no graphics. It has no images. It has no graphs. My book is a plain, hardly 33,000 words. I picture a basic cover design, remembering to keep it simple silly is my rule.

I am leaning toward the Basic or Standard Package.


I need to research more on my notes above, and the following:

Note to Self:

a) ISBN -- Check out purchasing through BookBaby, or on my own. Benefits, what are they, if any? Minuses, what are they?

b) What about this "Priority Processing" mentioned in the Premium Package. What is that all about? I need clarification.

c) What does BookBaby mean when they say placing in "Book Stores?"

d) When does the clock start for that $19 maintenance fee? Is it at sign-up? Is it at epublication?

e) After ebook publishing, can I order print books? What is charge for that service? Do they have POD *Pay On Demand*?

f) Check notes above.

g) After epublication, is there penalty to withdraw from BookBaby?

That's it for today.  Tomorrow is tomorrow.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

2 comments: said...

mobi is for the smartphones that we all carry, Linda.
Why not just use Amazon? Unless, of course, you want to keep ALL the revenue from sales of your book...

LindaDellaDonna said...

Just the information I am looking for. Thank you so much. And as for Amazon, I'm off to explore that one. My goal is just to publish the dang thing and move forward with my next project. Blessings. xo:)L