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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Storm Sandy - The Aftermath, Day 3

Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 5:55 p.m. - Day 3 - The Aftermath of Super Storm Sandy.

Just a few photos to bring you uptodate. Be safe, mi amigas.

The walk to get Big Blue, Big Blue is my car, was littered with downed trees and tree limbs. 

Landscapers were out clearing debris when I snapped this photo.


Utility trucks were out working to restore power to residents. More than half million people in Hudson Valley region are without power.


Trees snapped like toothpicks in winds of more than 90 mph. This tree, or what is left of it, is in front of Pace University on North Broadway.


The old Presbyterian Church on North Broadway. Look closely. The middle round window is knocked out. Look to the top right tower in top corner. Notice it is missing a pointed cement capped top. Click the photo and look at center bottom of photo, you will see it resting on the ground in front of the church door. It blew down in winds, clocked at more than 100 mph at nearby Westchester County Airport, bounced off the window and landed where you see it now.


This is Hamilton Avenue looking west. Police cordoned off the entire road. I have no clue why.


Con Ed hard at work. A transformer on North Broadway blew out in the storm and left wires hanging.


This is the entrance to the cemetery on Route 100. Can't get through.


Another casualty of Hurricane Sandy at the entrance to the cemetery on Route 100.


This tree slammed Route 100 and blocked traffic in both directions. If you click on the photo, you can see the downed power lines. Venturing out in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy was hazardous at best and dangerous.


This is a park bench in front of Chase Bank on North broadway.  It is completely blown over. There is at least 3' of pipe which was rooted firmly in the earth. Not any more.


A common site throughout the County, downed tree limbs everywhere. This is a shot of CVS, corner of North Broadway and Virginia Road.


Power out for this writer, I got on the very long line of hungry individuals looking for something good to eat and hot cup of coffee. It was at nearby deli, my secret place.

It is time to for this writer to meetup with a dinner buddy. Looks like Chinese tonight. Thankfully David King's is open.

Until this time next time.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

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