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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kidding Around Westchester

Writers often write to ask where I get my ideas from. They want to know why they cannot come up with anything good to write about.

I am here to say that ideas are everywhere. They are plentiful. We just have to make ourselves aware of the obvious.

I spend a great deal of time with my grandchildren. I like how simple their world is. I love the unconditional love they give. I enjoy the sound of their laughter, and how willing and eager they are to learn new things. Here is grandson H working on a kid computer at the White Plains Public Library. It teaches small motor control, eye/hand coordination, lessons in arithmetic, addition, and more. Can you think of an article pitch for a parenting magazine? Something a new parent, or visiting grandparent will find useful to know?

A trip to McDonald's is always a treat. Happy Meals come with choice of milk or juicebox. They even come with a prize? Information to beef it up, pun intended, for a free ezine ariticle, or blog post, can be obtained from their online website. The important thing is to work a slant that hasn't been done before.  

I believe in education. I never miss a chance to give my grandchild a lesson. I draw numbers in the dirt at playgrounds asking every boy and girl playing there to help me read my numbers. It teaches grandson H learning can be fun and making new playmate friends.  

The Valhalla Dam is a open playground where children of all ages can come together. Bikeriding, jogging, walking, tossing a frizbee or flying a kite is just one of the many things a parent can do with their child or grandchild. It is a kid-friendly space and available to all county residents and visitors, as well. Perhaps an article revealing all the activities with a current calendar of events  is something your reader might want to read about.

I love a playground and I seek them out at every opportunity. I make certain to have bottled water, change of clothes, extra diapers, wipes, and a first aid kit stashed in the car. Be prepared was my Girl Scout motto, and I practice it every chance I get, especially when spending time with grandkids. Can you think of an article with helpful tips for grandparents?

It is the end of a long hard day and I have succeeded in knocking out grandson H and granddaughter Z. Imagine. And I am awake enough to snap a photo. Could anyone resist an article for parents reading, "Never Wake a Sleeping Baby," then giving information how to wear those little buggers out?

Remember that photograph I dubbed, "Progress?" Well here it is growing tall, as in tall apartment building. I'm thinking local county coffee table book.


Like I said, ideas are everywhere. We have only to sit quiet to make ourselves aware.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
freelance writer/photographer

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