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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, The Perfect Storm - Day 1

Looks like Westchester County has called in the big gun for the big storm. I discovered this mega-sized 18 wheeler on Virginia Road in Valhalla. Later in the evening, I saw it in a mall garage on North Broadway. Couldn't resist pulling over and snapping a few photos.


Same Belfor truck, side view.


Belfor is a leader in emergency preparedness. Looks like a big truck for a big storm.


Big Blue is safe for next three days. I decided to park Big Blue out of harm's way in a nearby garage. Just in case trees start falling around where I live. Nothing's too good for my Big Blue. Just saying.


White Plains is a bit eerie at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Seems nobody is around. This is a photo of the Municipal Park Lot where I stashed Big Blue, and for a Sunday night, it is unusually quiet.


A view of Trump Towers in White Plains, NY. Hardly anyone is out.


I walk along North Broadway and can't get over how peaceful everything is. So this is what is known as the calm before the storm.


It is a good six blocks from the municipal park lot to my apartment. The walk is tree-lined sidewalks and lamp lights. In the honking wind of the night, I cannot help but wonder what will Sandy bring to my area already prepared for the perfect storm? Only time will tell.


I'm getting closer to  my place. A pumpkin smiles at me. It brightens my way and gives a glimmer of hope. My Ed reminder that everything will be okay.


Time to say goodnight Linda. Goodnight Linda.

Until tomorrow, same time, same place, see you in print.

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Debra J. Gordon said...

Linda: Be very careful out there alone. Your safety is much more important than your transporation's safety. Your humanity is important to me. ~djg

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