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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Day 2


Monday, October 29, 2012 - Day 2, 3:58 p.m. ET


After several hours thinking Sandy thoughts, I got cabin fever. I decided to take a walk. It was 2 p.m ET when I shut and locked the door behind me and walked the streets of my neighborhood.

Remarkable storm.

Very little rain.

Pleasant temperatures.

But, the wind…

The wind was blowing hard.

I snapped photos.

Governor Cuomo is on t.v. giving New Yorkers an update on Hurricane Sandy. He announces a list of bridge closings. By time I file this blog post, The Tappan Zee Bridge will have been closed all of this will be old news. By 7:00 p.m., the George Washington Bridge, as well as other bridges in the New York Metropolitan and  Westchester County areas, will also be shut.

As of this writing, the Lincoln Tunnel is open and will remain open, weather permitting, until further notice.  

My lights just blinked. Either that or I’m dying. *Just kidding*

My cable internet service is out, I got t.v. and telephone service. I have no idea why.

How I will post a BookOrBust blog post, remains to be seen. But, if you are reading this, if you are seeing my photos, then you know I got through. Somehow.

There is more to share.

News reports show a crane is hanging precariously off top of a 90-story building in Mid-Town Manhattan. A this time, safety precautions are in full swing to secure the surrounding area and residents who live in the area. I wish everyone good luck.

In Westchester, MetroNorth trains stopped running; bus service is suspended; schools are shut; and the drama continues as storm conditions worsen. In less than two hours, high tide, and heavy sustained higher winds are expected. Weatherperson says worse part after the wind, is 6’-12’ coastal tide surge.

All this by midnight.

Playtime is over. Get indoors. Sandy is proving to be everything it was predicted to be.

Be candle and flash light ready. 

If you didn’t prepare, now is too late.

Hardly anyone is out. But winds are big.


A hurricane is not a spectator sport, as is evidence by the empty sidewalks on Broadway.


This photo says it best. Wind force blew the sign down.


Author's Note:

And the wind is blowing harder still. For a short time, I was without power.  There it goes. Again.

Signing off.

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