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Monday, September 10, 2012

From Perspiration to Inspiration - It's All About the Write

"The more I learn about the world, the more opportunities I got to write about."
-- Linda Della Donna

Dear Reader,

If I turn left out my apartment complex and drive Big Blue, Big Blue is my car, 5-6 traffic lights, I will arrive at City Line Diner. That's a local place I eat breakfast, usually cup of black coffee, no cream, no sugar, and Swiss cheese omelet, no fries, no toast. Doesn't matter time of day, doesn't matter length of line waiting to be served, at City Line, owner/operator, and my friend, Vinny, I am greeted with warm hello and my order is happily filled. Today is no exception.

I sit outside. Outside, tables and chairs, enough to seat a small party, hug the sidewalk. Two huge umbrellas the color of orange dot the sidewalk landscape. I don't have local writer friends, but if I did, then this is the place I'd invite them for cup of coffee and the spot we'd chat. I'd just love it if all my online writer friends could meetup here; I'd talk about books and what the latest challenge getting words on paper is all about. I get a lot of questions about getting words on paper, or in this case, computer screen. In my long-winded way, I'm writing about that subject today.

Some days it seems I can write forever on just about anything, from angel wings to rearranging stripes on zebras. I enjoy writing scenes, describing snowy mountain tops, watery harbors steepled in sailboat masts; raunchy restaurants with views of rest rooms and coat closets, and sometimes desserts, biscuit shortcake buried in blueberries with dollop of whipped cream. These are just a few of my favorite things to write about on my BookOrBust blog.

Some days it seems I am unable to pull out my fast writing pen fast enough to get words on paper. Those times I practice writing in my head. I do a lot of that writing in my head thing, which accounts for those blank looks I give when seated across the table from my non-writers wondering what's that crazy look in that crazy white woman's eyes?

And yes, I know what it's like feeling like I can't squeeze another word out my pen, much less complete a full sentence in the landscape of my brain. Sometimes this writer simply needs to take a writing break to get the juices flowing again. Sometimes this writer needs to read. Sometimes this writer may need a hug from special someone to validate she is indeed a writer and that everything will be okay to get back in the writing saddle once again.

Sometimes this writer simply needs to get out her "'partment" as blessed grandson says, and simply go for a cup of coffee for inspiration.


Yesterday I went for a bite to eat. I did that left turn thing, the 5-6 traffic lights thing, and the Big Blue thing.

Sitting at an outdoor table gnoshing a fold of cheese and egg, I pondered my next BookOrBust blog post thing, whole time doing my people-watching thing. That people-watching thing is me unleasing my mind's eye.

My mind's eye got right to work. It got me noticing a row of parked shiny motorcycles.

These cycles sparkled like wet glitter in the autumn sunshine. In an instant I had my blog post.

I picked up my camera. I picked up my pen -- I carry them everywhere I go.

I have no idea why or how I can go from single shy quiet woman sipping cup of coffee to outgoing nosy reporter, but soon as I had placed pen in one hand and notepad in the other, I was off, walking up to a gaggle of strangers asking questions.

For me, perspiration is motivation. It is my recipe on how to get a little writing done.

The bikers were pleased to meet me. They shared stories about their bikes, road trips and biker passion.

I snapped a few photos.

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

(Seated l-r) Shawn, Seth, Anthony, Ronnie, and Mark. That's Leslie snapping a photo.

This biker group hails from Baltimore, Maryland. They had been on a run to Cape Cod for lobster when a storm set in. They sidelined in New Haven, waiting until the whole thing blew over. Of course there is lobster in Maryland, but as biker Ronnie says when we want something, we get on our bikes and go get it. Adding, "It's all about the ride."

"There's power in numbers," Ronnie says. Addressing the issue of safety, Ronny says driving in formation and sticking together is key.

I watched Ronnie and his biker friends mount up and drive away and somehow I couldn't help thinking how biking has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with writing -- It's about the write -- and getting from point A to point B, and not allowing unforeseen interruptions to prevent us from completing our goal meaning it's okay to stop to take a rest from writing. So long as soon as our personal storm has passed, we remember to mount up again, and write like the wind.

Writing Tip:

Seek other writers and supportive writing friends. It is important they be sincerely interested in seeing your publishing success.

Thanks for reading.

Linda Della Donna
Freelance Photographer
Freeland Writer
"Have camera, will travel."

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