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Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Camera Gets Around - What I Did This Summer

I like to take photographs. It helps me stay focused and snapping photos relaxes my brain. It is my form of meditation. In addition to toting fast-writing pens, laptop, charger, little books filled with favorite quotations, my 2012 calendar book, spiral bound notebook, draft of novel in progress, draft for 2013 writing contest, draft of manuscript, "A Gift of Love," plus papers that got scribbling on them, I carry a camera -- often two cameras -- Is it any wonder I got a backache.

I like that I am a visual person. I like a photograph of any thing. It helps this writer when sitting down to write a scene to paint one with words.

In June, July and August, my camera got around. I snapped tons of photographs. With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, and on a day like today when I got no clue what to write about, I have decided to let my camera do the talking. A photograph speaks a thousand words you know. And my camera is prolific. My camera's got a voice. My camera gets around.

Here are a few photographs.

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed snapping them.

This is a photo of a construction site near where I live. I named this photograph Progress, because it's a picture of a hole in the earth where a supermarket building used to be. I snapped this photo from an apartment building more than 20-something floors above. The diggers appear almost toy like. Amazing.

This is my grand daughter, Z. Z was my breakfast companion one June Sunday morning at the local I-Hop. I call this photo Precious.

This is Z with her older brother, H. I snapped this at the local train station. Here they are watching a MetroNorth train make a stop on its way to Grand Central Station. I call this photo 45 Minutes From Broadway.

Summer wouldn't be complete without at least one trip to Rye Playland. Here is H on a kiddie ride. He's 3 years old and proud he reaches the 38" height line. I call this photo Joy.

This is Tux. Say Meow, Tux.

Summer began with a trip to the Intrepid. I had never been. This one is Size Matters.

A shot from the NY Car Show. That's an old Model T and one of a kind.

Z and H admiring an eagle at the local nature center.

My bathroom sink. It's my camera, it's my bathroom. And, it's my blog. I can do that.
In June I was blessed with a visit from my good writing friend, JB and his companion, M. We metup at Grand Central. Here we are at The Guggenheim.
The Guggenheim

Grand Central
July arrived hot and humid. Took time to take Z and H to a local pool for a cool wet time.
This is a view of the Long Island Sound from a yacht club in Stamford, CT. I was a guest of a friend of a friend for dinner. What a treat. What a view!
Tuesday is see-a-movie-all-day-long-at-the-local-theater-for-$5.50. This is H with his $6 box of candy.
My camera takes me nice places and this day it took me it to Pawling, NY, a cozy sleepy village not far from where I live, for a photo shoot. This is Main Street.
That's my kid brother on lead guitar playing a gig.
This is a cabin in the woods I discovered in my travels. I dream to own it. Maybe, perhaps.
Remember that photograph, "Progress?" 
I loved the Closing Ceremonies at the 2012 Olympics.
My new friend, Mr. Bubba.
Another cabin in the woods. A real fixer-upper, but one I can afford.
I actually got in this thing and went for a ride.
An photo of an old place. I am standing across the street remembering a different time and making a new memory.
A leader.
Time to say goodnight Linda. Goodnight Linda

Photo Tip:

I make an appointment to download and upload my photos daily, keeping all uploaded files on the memory chip as an extra precaution. I mark each file on my laptop by year, month and date. It helps when searching for stock photos. I have only to think back to a particular month to remember a shot. I also make a point each evening to recharge my camera battery. Nothing like a day of snapping photos to suck the life out of a battery. I hate it when I'm away from home and that icon showing a weakened battery appears in my camera lens.

One more thing, people write wanting to know what kind of camera I use. The above photos were taken with my Nikon CoolPix -- 12.1 megapixels, Full HD movie capability, and Backside Illumination -- I love this camera. 

Writing Tip:

Just write.


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

What great photos and memories you have shared here, Linda! I'm trying to get more into photography myself to enhance my blog. I truly admire your talent!
Blessings and thanks for sharing!

LindaDellaDonna said...

Thank you so very much, Martha, for your kind inspiring words. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for being my friend.

See you in print,
Linda Della Donna said...

Thanks for sharing your memories from A,B,C (airline, bathroom, cabin) through H and Z...
Interesting the Playland has survived all these years... said...

Thanks for sharing your memories from A,B,C (airline, bathroom, cabin) through H and Z...
Interesting the Playland has survived all these years...

LindaDellaDonna said...

Rye Playland is the only County owned amusement park in the country. It has gone through tremendous difficulties through the years -- deaths on rides, neighbors' complaints regarding noise, and issues over security. At this time there is a gate with a entrance charge per person, tighter security, strict height requirements and rules that do not bend for riding those rides. This last visit with the grandkids was most enjoyable. The crowds were friendly and the rides were monitored. I'd like to see Playland stay. There is so much history for me at that place -- My dad ran the dragon coaster when he was in high school, and he met my mother on Oakland Beach -- Same beach I met my husband so many years later. xxoo:)

Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Linda,

Wow! Your camera does get around. Looks like you've had a fun summer! Can't wait to see where your camera goes this fall!

LindaDellaDonna said...

Hey Suzanne,

Thanks so much for the kind words and for validating my photos. After the hot humid summer we've had here in New York, I'm definitely looking forward to snapping photos in the coolness of autumn.

See you in print,