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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dustin Hoffman and My Camera Gets Around

"And Little Babaji went on and by and by he met another Tiger..."--From my favorite book, "The Story of Little Babaji," by Helen Bannerman

Saturday arrived filled with sunshine and no humidity. It was clear skies, hardly any clouds at all. I was sitting at City Line Deli with cup of coffee, black, no cream, no sugar, when my cell phone rang.

"Want to go flying?"

Now had that question been posed to me 20 years earlier, when I was wife to Ed, mom to G, working full-time job at that place I'd like to forget, my response would have been a flat out no. But a lot has happened in my life in the last 20 years -- I have graduated. I am emancipated. I am a widow now and retired from my day job. My son is a grown man now. He has a family of his own. I am DaDee to his two toddler children. DaDee is what they call me.

Anyway, when I got that invitation, my sense of adventure kicked in, and where common sense once ruled, courage reigns.

I said, "Yes!"

Here's a few photos from back seat of a yellow airplane.

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

The yellow airplane that I went flying in. Imagine.

Here's yours truly buckling in. I am being instructed on safety. I am told that if the plane goes down, I must get out the plane fast. Soon as I get out the plane and away from the plane, I am told what to pull so my parachute deploys. That's me sitting there learning the "D" ring. D is for deployment. That look on my face is my reaction to the instructor saying don't touch that ring inside the plane. Author's comment: Ha. Don't worry.

Some controls inside the yellow airplane. Author's Comment: No, I have no idea.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. From 900 feet I can see the Berkshires, Catskills, and just below, I am told that is Dustin Hoffman's house. Author's Note: Hmmm. Tennis anyone? Dustin's got a tennis court.

A view from above. Imagine.

The sunset out the window of The Yellow Airplane.

This is a picture of my friend, Mr. Bubba. Mr. Bubba has nothing to do with The Yellow Airplane. I just wanted to post it. Author's Note: Because it's my blog and I can do that.

Writing Tip:

Go for the jugular. If you are writing a story and something juicy starts to flow out your head and onto your page, don't stop. Don't think I will save this for another time. Use it. Use it now. Use it all. Don't worry it will never happen again. Tell yourself there is more where that came from instead.

Writing Quote:

"Then Little Babaji said, 'If you want them, say so, or I'll take them away.' But the Tigers would not let go of each other's tails, and so they could only say 'Gr-r-r-r-r-rrrrrr!'"--From my favorite book, "The Story of Little Babaji."


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Wow! What an amazing adventure! I loved your photos and I admire your courage. You will never see me in a small aircraft; I hate heights!
Oh, and loved the photo of Mr. Bubba, too. Squirrels have a special place in my heart.
Blessings to you! said...

You brought back memories of my first private plane flight- from a dirt field in Ann Arbor, piloted by a fellow from my company. Denny would take us out often (more than four times a month). I was less sanguine when my other friend would take me (he was more, let's say...adventurous... in his activities).
Glad you had a good time.

Kimberly Pryor said...

Mr. Bubba is my favorite part of this post. :-)

Cheri said...

This reminds me of an unplanned tour my husband and I took while in Vancouver last year; we went out for a couple of hours on a small seaplane. I was terrified, but it was very cool!

Good for you for being brave enough to do this.

And I love Mr. Bubba; squirrels are cool.