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Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Ed

Summer 2003

E is for Ed, as in Edward Louis Sclier. Ed was my late husband. He was a good man. I miss him very very much.

We were together twenty years. I didn't have a good marriage. I had a great marriage.

Ed wasn't rich. He wasn't famous. He never ran for public office. He never wrote a book. He was just an ordinary guy who loved an ordinary woman, me, in an extraordinary way.

On May 1, 2004, Ed died in my arms. It was our 16th wedding anniversary. And, I promised that I would write a book. My words saying I will write your story, were last words Ed heard.

His dying words, "Somebody should,"  haunted me. Through the years, I tried to write Ed's story, but always without success. I just couldn't get it down on paper and do it justice.

Until one day, I finally made the leap. My book, "A Gift of Love," is written. The voices in my head are quiet. Except for the one that says so when are you going to publish the dang thing?


Everyone is a critic.

Writing Tip:

Write what you know. Write what you are passionate about. After you are done, explore different avenues toward publication--Self-publication vs. traditional publishing house. Only you can decide.

Writing Quote:

"Don't try to contact an editor or agent between 12:30 and 3. They will be lunching with other editors or agents. Don't contact them before lunch, because they will be settling in for the day. Don't contact them between 3 and 4, because they will be recovering from lunch and returning calls from those who called during lunch. Don't call them after 5, as Hollywood is finally waking up about then, and they are also preparing to leave for the day. So--if you absolutely must call--then call at exactly 4:30."--Noah Lukeman, "The First Five Pages"

Until this time next time.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"...Come journal with me, your book is yet to be."

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