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Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Books

It is no secret. I like books! I like to read them. I like to hold them in my grubby hands. I like to place them on a shelf in my apartment, and stand back and admire them, knowing I can pick them up, refer to them, and read them. Again. Again. Again.
I like to visit Barnes & Noble, the public library, and local used book stores, any place that has books to search for the perfect read. 

I know there is the internet, Kindle, and Nook. I own a Nook. And I do purchase EBooks. But my favorite thing to do is run my fingers down a book's spine, flip pages, inhale the aroma of printed words, and feel the paper slip between my fingers with every turn of a page. 

I like books on poetry, children's picture books, chapter books, memoirs, and books on travel. I like falling into story, learning structure, new words, and imagining I know the Point of View character, personally.
I remember first grade in St. Gabriel's in New Rochelle, NY. I disliked my teacher, Sister Mary Rita, but I liked the reader she handed out in class. First words learned to read were about Jane, John, and their little dog, Spot. In my mind's eye, the characters were real. They ran, jumped and played--with me! Spot's bark is indelibly etched in the landscape of my brain.

I remember I could not put that book down.  When evening came and I had fallen fast asleep, my mother found me tucked neatly under the covers, that reader nestled snugly in my arms.
Through the years my choice of books to read has changed, but the memory of that wrinkled first grade reader chronicling visual escapades of two wide-eyed yellow haired kids and their small cow-spotted dog, lingers. It is a seed pressed between the landscape of my brain that continues to blossom and grow.

Here are a few of my favorite things--books.

I had shelves built especially for my books. There still isn't room for all my books.

More books.
I like travel books, books on history in the making, and books with pictures of places I have been and some day hope to visit.

This is a book I found on my book shelf. I have no memory of how it got there, but no doubt, it is a book about something I plan to do.

Writing Tip:

Read. Read. Read. Spend time with the books written in the genre you wish to write.

Writing Quote:

"If someone asked you to hold a baseball bat, you could do that. If someone asked you to hold a lighted chandelier, you could do that. And if someone asked you to hold a live chicken, you could do that, too. But what if you were asked to juggle a baseball bat, a lighted chandelier, and a live chicken? 

...Apply that image to story building, and you can see that with every new project handing you unfamiliar material to juggle, it's always going to take more than one try to get it right."--Sandy Asher, from her book, "Writing It Right! How Successful Children's Authors Revise and Sell Their Stories

Until this time next time.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"Come journal with me, your book is yet to be."


Tara Tyler said...

read, read, read!! great post =)

Michelle Mach said...

Your bookshelves look like mine. I think I have books in just about every room of my house. :)

Ola Jaggers said...

I agree, I love books. I also read ebooks, but there is nothing like having that book in your hands.... I love it!

Thanks for sharing!!

~Ola (a to z visitor)