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Saturday, December 17, 2011

George Washington Meets Linda Della Donna - Day 17

"Now which way do we go?"--Dorothy Gale

Dear Diary,

The sky is blue and clouds are white.

The air is clean.

And oh by golly it's almost Christmas and there isn't a snowflake in sight.

For this thorn bird visiting from New York, it's just another day in Paradise.

I drive Buena Vista Boulevard north, past Arnold Palmer Legends Country Club.

I head to Lynnbrook, pass Bonnybrook. Along the way I stop and read my copy of The Daily Sun. No free mug today. Only thing in my newspaper bin is, uh, newspapers.

After that, I pass gate to The Village of Bridgeport, steer Putt-Putt, Putt-Putt is my small white golf cart, through a tunnel, and before I know it, I am snapping pictures of grown men doing a golf cart tailgate thing playing with remote sailboats.

I snap photos and ask names.

A gentleman, George, is from Staten Island, NY, living in The Village of Amelia; Bob is from Antwerp, NY, just moved to The Village of Bonnybrook two weeks ago; Jay is from Seattle, living In the Village of Poincienna six years, and a man swearing he's George Washington from Mount Vernon.

Last week I met Santa Claus. Today it's George Washington. Dear diary, in The Villages, anyone can be anything they want to be. I'm just saying.

I make my way to The Villages Public Library at Belevedere and I manage to get a copy of "Leisureville," by Andrew D. Blechman.

I spend rest afternoon sitting golf-cart side, sunning and reading.

Does The Villages got a club where people get together and just sit and read?

By the looks of the activities listed large as a Manhattan phone book, most likely it's a club of one. Me.

Here are some photos I snapped today. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed snapping them.

Until this time next time, see you in print,

Linda Della Donna

This is the spot I pulled over and this is the bench I sat on and read The Daily Sun. Some view, huh? I'm just saying.

All benches are dedicated to the memory of a passed loved one.

You remember Moo-Moo. Moo-Moo is my traveling companion. Here's Moo-Moo waiting patiently while keeping Putt-Putt's motor running.

Ooops, there goes another golf cart down Arnold Palmer Legends Golf Course.

In The Villages, special lanes are created especially for golf carts only. Golf carts are not allowed on major highways.
Wonderful decorations on a home at the corner of Crawford and Haretson in Lynnbrook.

Meet Melinda and John. I caught them admiring the Merry Christmas decorations.

That's Dan down by the lakeside sailing his remote boat.

It's called "Model Yachting" and the members are "Ashland Pond Sailors."

Captain Dan

Model Yachting club members, everyone a captain of humor, meet (l-r) George, George Washington is seated, Bob, and Jay.
The Villages Public Library at Belevedere.

No evening is complete without a stop at Lake Sumter for a little music.

This writer caught the beautiful Smith family, visiting from Summerfield, spreading holiday cheer at Sumter Square. l-r, Baby Trenton, Mom Tasha, Brylee and Will.

This evening's entertainment was "Cheers," featuring the Fabulous Judy Soto.

These golf carts come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and as you can see, people really have fun.

Note the Christmas tree in the trunk.

And for all you Boston fans out there...this one's for you.

Say goodnight Linda. Goodnight Linda.

Writing Quote:

"Our best thoughts come from others."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writing Tip:

Make a spot to write. It can be a closet, a corner in a room, it can even be a pull-out drawer under your bed. Personalize it and treasure it. Make it your own writing space.

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