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Friday, September 23, 2011

9 Markets and Opportunities to Avoid

So you have written a book. Now what?

In a world of multiple choices, there is no easy answer. Each of us aspiring authors must find our own distinct and unique path to publication. But, today I wish to share 9 markets and opportunities to avoid reading "1,818 Ways to Write Better & Get Published," by Scott Edelstein.

This is what Scott says to avoid:

"1. Any publisher that wants to charge for the "privilege" of publishing your work, regardless of its reason, sales pitch, or ostensible enthusiasm for your writing.

2. Any publisher that runs a display ad in a writers' magazine, a newspaper, or the Yellow Pages that begins, 'Writers--Manuscripts Wanted,' 'Publish Your Book,' 'Become a Published Author,' etc. These are almost always vanity presses.

3. Poetry anthologies that require you to purchase a copy of any book in which your work is published. This is a form of vanity publishing.

4. Writing contests that require an entry fee. The cash awards are small and the contests typically carry little or no prestige--they are just a way for the contest sponsor to make money.

5. Any market that charges a fee to consider your work for publication. This is outright extortion.

6. Any editor or market that has failed to respond at all (even with a rejection) to two previous submissions.

7. Any literary agent who charges a fee to consider, evaluate, or submit your work. A good agent makes money on commissions, not fees.

8. Any agent who insists on receiving a percentage of any money you make from your writing, even if they weren't involved in the deal.

9. Any agent who requires you to sign a release before they will read your work."

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