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Monday, July 25, 2011

How To Write A Book - Happy Monday

My book, "A Gift of Love, A Widow's Memoir," how I envision it.

Be sure to make a "dummy" of your book. Then go stick it on the shelf at your local Barnes & Noble. Mine is there.

It's time for me to get started on my next book.

This means w-o-r-k.

You know, that 4-letter word requiring focus, limiting outings, wasting less time, visiting with friends less, perhaps not seeing that new movie just out and structuring my t-i-m-e, the other 4-letter word necessary to writing a book.

There are many ways to begin writing a book.

This is mine.

Step One:

Go to your local book store, library or any place that has books, books and more books on book shelves. Of course there is always the online book store, but moi? Well, I like to feel books. I like to read a book with my bare hands; run my fingers down their spines, ruffle pages, inhale ink, binding and paper.

I sniff a book before I read it. If I could, I'd eat it like a candy bar.

I like a book to fill all my senses.

After you get to your favorite brick and mortar book place, be sure to look around. You know, strut the aisles, search titles, comb authors, mine subjects and topics. Where is it you envision seeing your book when it is published? Make mental note. Make a book dummy. Then place it there. This writer did.

It is important to know this before you lift one hand to fingerhug your pen and place it to paper so that you can properly promote it to your prospective agent, publisher and friend. How else can you tell your future reader where to find your book?

Once you  have decided on your genre' and what type of book you will write, select three books just like the book you plan to write.

Make a written note why.

Then read each one, jotting down all the reasons why you like or dislike that book.

A couple of times.

Writing Tip:

When reading another writer's work, remember this--when you read another writer's work, you are in that writer's head.

Be sure to underline, highlight and scribble in the margins--Make notes of words, lines, sentences, paragraphs that appeal to you, or tug at your senses for any rhyme or reason, or no reason.

These are clues to your writing style and they will help you find your voice, theme and writing style.--We all got one, you know. I'm just saying.

Writing Quote:

Schedule one hour per day to write your book.

Okay, got no full hour? How about 15 minutes. Yeah, you can do 15 minutes a day. Yes, you can.

Schedule that time as you would a doctor or dentist appointment, and keep it. Write it in your calendar, tell a friend, announce it on facebook--do what you must to embarrass yourself to get the job done. Then don't answer the cell phone, front door, or lift your head off the page until the clock timer you set alerts time is up.

Go ahead. Write something.

I dare you.

See you in print.

Linda Della Donna
Author of
"A Gift of Love, A Widow's Memoir"
...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life.


Nelieta said...

Best of luck with your book Linda! I started my travel blog with the idea to have it published :)I love the smell of a book, the feeling of the paper between my fingers! My husband prefers electronic books and I just cannot get used to that...I want my book!

marieclv54 said...

Thanks for sharing, I have written a book, but it's never been published. I'm going to have to get busy.

Join me and share your blog:

Also read, enjoy and follow me:

D Madison said...

I have TWO books started, On a break right now, well for the last 6 months or so, YES I have another chapter started but not posted. Hey It was a life long project and I'm making it last.

Inday said...

Hello from Australia. I was roaming for Quotations and I have no idea how I bumped into your blog. My friend made a very loud noise about writing a book. I am exasperated for she talks more than spending a quiet minute to focus on what was required of her to write the book she wanted to write. I was her typist; she has a good story but she lacks organizational skills how to do it. This blog is certainly for her. With your kind permission, I want to post your blog link in my Facebook Profile (Leah Dancel) to call her attention. I hope she will find your tips inspirational and helpful. Thank you for sharing.