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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A World Without Books - Imagine - No, I Can't

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My favorite book, "The Wizard of Oz," by L. Frank Baum

"Follow the yellow brick road..."

My favorite book is "The Wizard of Oz," by L. Frank Baum.

Please, if it's a world without books I must live in, spare this one, because I can't imagine living life without an Oz cast of characters, and the valuable life's lessons they teach.

From flying  monkeys I liken to uncooperative office co-workers; the wicked witch of the west and her sister in the east creating fodder for water cooler laughter over unruly bosses, and good witch Glinda, of course, she is me (or, is it I?), to stinky broom, Dorothy's must-have ruby slippers, and the man behind a curtain pretending to be a Wizard.

Everyone of these characters and more make for great comedy and analogies.

And I can't forget Dorothy's little dog, Toto, too.

Just Toto's name conjures up words of love, affection and devotion.

I want always to remember Dorothy's imperfect perfect friends--and their passionate quests--a heart for Tin Man, a brain for Straw Man, and confidence for Cowardly Lion.

Each remind me when faced with adversity, self-doubt and thinking I can't do it, whatever it is, to persevere, no matter what.

But, most definitely, it is the ruby-slippered lady herself I hold in highest regard.

Because for her, it is all about home and willingness to risk life and limb to get there.

Now, there's family core values, if ever there were some.

The book, The Wizard of Oz drives home the message that life is a journey.

And, it's not about the yellow brick road. It's more about the people we meet and the friends we make along the way.

A world without books?  Like I said, please spare this one.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

A Birthday Rose--Thank you JB


David said...

A world without books is not a world I wish to live in. Until a few years ago my goal was to read 50 books a year, I could often be seen reading in parks while Erin stalked squirrels nearby. Never read Wizard of Oz but it's arguably my fave movie...those flying monkeys still scare me :)

tosh said...

You know, I never read the book but now, as someone who desires to write, I can imagine there's such beautiful language within the pages that would inspire and take me into that imaginary world.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hey Linda - seems like you've sold us all on the book. I too have seen the movie and now need to get my hands on the book pronto! Thankfully, you and can have your Wizard and all of the lovely stuff that's out there in books!

Roy A. said...

No, we can't forget the yellow-brick road. It's the path that everyone takes- and leads ONLY to the wizard- that charlatan that everyone mistakes for a leader.
Get off the path- blaze your own trail- and never accept the substitute for true guidance.
By the way- love the book AND the movie.

Kriti said...

Okay - I vote for that book as well - loved your post and so glad to be on this tour with you!

Lisa Mandina said...

This reminds me of a book I mentioned in my post for this Blog-A-Licious tour, Matched. The government chose 100 books to save. How could anyone choose only 100 books for everyone? There are so many, and there are ones I don't like, but others do, and to me, any book that gets someone to read is a great book! Glad to stop by and see you through the tour!

Sonia Rumzi said...

What a funny light wonderful post. Thanks Linda. I have never the book. I just will put it on the list.

Sibylla said...

I haven't read the book either but it's so funny that we've all seen the movie! Great post Linda! Love the comparison of the flying monkeys and office workers. Hehe

Pandora Poikilos said...

"Imperfect perfect friends" - now there's a phrase to take home. Thank you Linda for joining the tour.
Cheers - Dora

Shelley Workinger said...

That is so true - the trip is all about who you meet along the way, and when you get to the "Emerald City" at the end of the road, it may not have even been worth running to, but you can look to your left and right and see who got there with you and they'll be worth it :) Shelley

shaeeza said...

We will all ignore the man behind the curtain - after all he is of no importance. Books are my Wizards. So nice to see you and read your blog

John said...

I never read The Wizard of Oz. When I was a little boy, I was watching the movie and my dad came up behind me when the flying monkeys were on screen and stuck a huge hunk of limburger cheese under my nose. So now, every time I watch it I smell limburger cheese.
Loved your post.

Lovebabz said...

My Sister is a huge Wizard Of Oz fan! There so many messages in that story.

Glad to have stopped by on the Blog-A-Licious tour.

GirlParker said...

Amen! If the world is devoid of books, I hope they never find I've hidden away all my favorites. Love the Wizard of Oz. Great post!

JLB Creatives - Janet Beasley said...

OK - you've struck a nerve...I have The Wizard of Oz EVERYTHING! Posters, magnets, and my latest favorite, a gift from a dear friend who knows me well, a wooden sign, that hangs beside my desk in my writing den, that says "I Have Flying Monkeys And I'm Not Afraid To Use Them!" In fact, the sign even made my video on my blog's weekly post titled The Artists Dens" Thanks for being in the tour, it's so nice to meet another Oz/this world com-parer of life. Have a great Monday! ~Janet~ JLB Creatives