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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grand Central Station - Writing Practice

"We must continue to work the compost pile, enriching it and making it fertile so that something beautiful may bloom and so that our writing muscles are in good shape to ride the universe when it moves through us."--Natalie Goldberg

The ticket on the left is mine. Cost for round trip ticket, off peak, costs $15.50

Once a month I board Metro North, that's the train in Westchester, to go to Grand Central to keep my monthly appointment with myself to do writing practice. Writing practice is simply sitting with pen and spiral notebook, setting a clock timer for 15 minutes, and writing.  As writing is a solitary event, I like Grand Central Station as a writing venue for the action and endless stream of people.

When you're a writer working at the craft of writing, writing practice is a must, at least for this writer.

The rules for writing practice are simple: No commenting, no judging, no talking. No good writing. No bad writing. Just writing.

Often other writers join me. Last week was a special treat. My writing buddy, Sharyn Dimmick, in for a visit from San Francisco, metup with me, and after lunch at Junior's and dessert of best-you-ever-ate cheese cake, we got down to the business of doing what we've been doing these last 11 years--writing.

It's time to Shut Up and write.

In writing practice, a topic is given, the timer is set and a writer writes. When the writing is done, writers take turns reading their work.

Whatever questions Sharyn and I had for one another, we held it for writing practice.

Sharyn Dimmick, soon to be "Famous Author."

Writing Tip:

Make an appointment with yourself to write something. And keep it.

Writing Quote:

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."--Carl Sandburg

That's all for now.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
Come journal with me, you're book is yet to be.

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