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Monday, April 11, 2011

Name Your Muse

"Often the Muse will not respond to direct and logical requests. She must be lured in with the playful and gentle."-- Jill Badonsky

 I've been busy preparing for a business trip. A business trip pertaining to my writing. My book, " A Gift of Love, A Widow's Memoir." Tuesday, bright and early, I leave for New York City. I plan to stay in a "Tony" hotel, suck up concrete *love concrete*, and attend a summit. I can't tell you the location or subject of the summit. I signed a document says I can't do that. Anyway, I may be off line a couple of days and may miss posting.

 Mea culpa.

In my absence, I leave you with a photo of my muse to amuse you. Whenever I have difficulty, for whatever reason, locating courage to put words on paper, I snuggle Tux, scratch under his chin, nuzzle his nose with my nose, and before I know it, I'm writing.

Name your muse.

Go ahead. I dare you!

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

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