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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Clock Tower - White Plains, NY
"The worst part about being a platinum member of the worry club is that, more often than not, when fretters bite their nails, they sometimes create bona fide things to worry about in the process."--Stephanie Dolgoff

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I got a completed draft of my manuscript, and I'm working with a professional to help me with the task getting my radio show off the ground and helping to maintain Griefcase website.

Life is good.

Writing Tip:

Finished a project? Ha. Start another one.

Writing Quote:

"There is nothing happier than a writer not writing."--John Updike

Now go write something.

I dare you.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
If I can write a book, so can you.

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rescigjoy said...

one of my "steel iron" friends with other union buddies put this clock up some years ago...