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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Monday!


"There are two literary maladies--writer's cramp and swelled head." --Coulson Kernaban

Dear Reader,

The picture you see above is a photograph of my joy-nal. I place photos in empty notebooks. They act to inspire me and in this case, keep me motivated.

If you look on the right, you'll see my late husband, Ed Sclier. He's poised at a counter in Hong Kong airport. It was taken seven years ago this month. Each January, we'd board China Airlines to attend the annual toy fair. In this photo, Ed is waiting for flight confirmation and permission to board our flight back to JFK in New York.

The sky is powder puff white today. Weatherman predicts 7" of snow. Time to fingerhug my pen and write something.

What about you?

Go ahead. I dare you.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna

P. S. If you get the chance, please stop by Griefcase and check out my blog there.

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