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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Another Taos Sunday

"There's something you would love to do if you only had the money. Pretend you do have the money, and keep dreaming about this. It is possible."--My horoscope

I set out for Taos a week ago. I didn't plan to make the long quiet highway to the place I first visited ten years ago to celebrate my writing. But circumstances beyond my control presented themselves and I decided it was time to visit Mabel again--Mabel Dodge Luhan Lodge, that is.

Ten years ago I was a new writer searching for voice and niche. I had a husband back then--a great guy who encouraged me and supported my writing. I wasn't sure where I fit in the world of writers, but I had vision and a dynamite supporting husband. It's more than six years, Ed is dead. And my writing journey continues despite life's hard knocks and all the things that tug at my heart. My book written and a place to crash to do the edits and revisions, it was a no-brainer where to go do it. BookOrBust, Taos here I Come! 

This is Mabel Dodge Luhan Main Lodge, the place that spells h-o-m-e for me.

Dining Room where I sat and worked all day today. Yippee! Chapter Six rewritten here. If you look closely, you will see my work sitting on the table, along with my canvas bag. It's time to pack up and head home to Auntie's Cottage.

This is the back door to Auntie's Cottage, the 2-bedroom adobe I'm living in since I arrived more than one week ago. Ahhh, serenity now.

This is the road from Auntie's Cottage to town. It loops long and dusty. At night, I must carry a flashlight to find my way back to the cottage. There are no street lamps here in Taos and except for the bright moon hanging low, this road at night is dark darker darkest.

This is the Zendo where Natalie Goldberg held class. Note the cushions on the floor. At a Nat Goldberg Writing Retreat, one sits many times a day. That's right, we just sit.

This is the entrance door to the Zendo. If you look to your left, that first cushion is mine.

That's Nat's chair placed in front of the altar. Each day candles are lit. We gather. The bell rings three times and we sit.

It's late. I'm tired. Tomorrow I have more rewrites to complete. There is no time to waste.

Today's Writing Tip: Keep writing. Don't get tossed away.

Today's Writing Quote: "Everything has its time and is nourished and fed with the rhythms of the sun and moon, the seasons. We are no different, no more special, no less important. We belong on the earth. We grow in the same way as a rock, a snail, a  porpoise, or a blade of grass."--Natalie Goldberg

Goodnight, dear reader. Thanks for reading.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
...If I can write a book, so can you.

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