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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday - Books and Letters

"You should write, first of all, to please yourself.
You shouldn't care a damn about anybody else at all.
But writing can't be a way of life--the important 
part of writing is living. You have to live in such a
way that your writing emerges from it. --Doris Lessing

I love snail mail. I love the sound of paper as it stacks into place and I ripple through it. I love folding it and sticking it in an envelope. I love the feel of placing a stamp on the front corner of an envelope. I miss the paste taste on my tongue now that stamps come peel and stick. I love waiting for Mr. Postman after I've mailed my query to an agent, my manuscript to a publisher, letter to my best friend in Austin, Texas announcing news I did it, I wrote my book. I don't like waiting for an answer.

How about you? What is it you like? What is it you don't like?

Time to fingerhug your pen and write it out. Go ahead. I dare you.

Writing Tip:

"to write where 'enjoyment' is the only requirement. Ask yourself frequently, 'Am I having fun?' If not, loosen up. Write from your gut. Be totally honest. If you can relax and have fun, you'll eventually discover the natural writing 'voice' within you. You won't have to try.  Your unique voice will simply flow out onto the page." --Kristi Holl

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
If I can write a book, so can you!

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