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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greetings From Taos, NM

Moon and Pines, 2008
"The silence, broken occasionally by the wails of coyotes or the mournful hoots of a great horned owl, is even deeper under the lunar gleam. The moonlit landscape completely takes over the imagination."--Don Usner

Dear Writer,

I have been busy working on my book, making edits and necessary revisions.

If there is one place here on this earth I can name where my writing passion began, I would have to say it is Mabel Dodge Lodge in Taos, NM. 

How fitting I should return to Mabel's to revise and edit my first book. I can't believe I am writing that word, first.

It was ten years ago I attended my first Natalie Goldberg writing workshop and the first time I stayed at Mabel's. Not much has changed. The warmth, great expanse, and friendliness of townspeople and staff at Mabel's nurtures my creativity, encourages my goal to complete my task and inspires me to push a pen.

The landscape here is rugged, dusty, and huge. I especially like the giant sky. One of these days I may crash into a tree and tumble over my own two feet because all I do is bend my head back and look into it not watching where it is I am going.

Last night as I walked the dusty dark road back to Auntie's Cottage, I nearly fell down staring up at the star studded sky. Makes it hard to leave, makes me wish to return, perhaps with another manuscript same time next year.

Writing Tip: Discover your special place to inspire your writing passion. Write about it. Photograph it. Share it. Visit it. Again. And again.

Writing Quote: "The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."  ~Ana├»s Nin

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