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Monday, November 15, 2010

Good Night, Monday

"You start to forget words: they're on the tip of your tongue, but instead of eventually dislodging, they stay there. You go upstairs to fetch something, and by the time you get there you can't remember what it was you were after. You call your child by the names of all your other children and finally the dog before you get to his. Sometimes you forget what day it is. And finally you forget the year."--Sara Gruen

It is the end of the day. Tomorrow is another day. It is my day off from pounding the keyboard. So is the day after that.What didn't get finished will have to wait. What wasn't started, well, that too, will have to wait. Starting the minute I press send, I'm out of the office for today.

I won't be around for a couple of days. I leave you with a photo of my movable office--today I worked in the living room--and a shot of my small dog, Izzy, and his little cat, Tux.

What about you? Did you get done what you set out to do today? If so, if not, why or why not?

Writing Tip:

Never assume a relationship where none exists. When sending out a query letter, do not include personal gifts. Keep the relationship professional. Editors judge a manuscript by the query letter.

Writing Quote:

"Writing is elemental. Once you have tasted its essential life, you cannot turn from it without some deep denial and depression. It would be like turning from water. Water is in your blood. You can't go without it."--Natalie Goldberg

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