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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day is Done

This is me at the end of a long hard day.

 "...Sooner or later you're going to die. You've made a lot of foolish mistakes, maybe writing was a dumb dream, but so what. Being a doctor, a rock star, a mother would have led to the same thing."--Natalie Goldberg

Dear Reader,

I spent the better part of this evening working on my website, I've completed my interview with Susan Berger, author of  The Five Ways We Grieve. Part I of that interview will be posted November 11. I hope you will stop by griefcase and read it.

I didn't get any writing done today. It was my day off *yeah, right*.

What about you? Did you get a little writing done?

Writing Tip: Stay focused. Do only what is important to achieving your goal.

Writing Quote: "Know that you will eventually have to leave everything behind; the writing will demand it of you. Bareboned, you are on the path with no markers, only the skulls of those who never made it back. But I have made the journey, and I have made it back--over and over again. I will act as your guide." --Natalie Goldberg

Now go write something. Do it. Just do it.

Go ahead. I dare you.

See you in print.

Linda Della Donna
If I can write a book, so can you.

1 comment:

Widow_Lady302 said...

I am feeling a fire burning in your heart! You've hit the ground and are running with it! So proud of you Linda! Rock it!