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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday

The Bathroom - Completed

It's Wednesday.

I'm parked at my desk working on a chapter.

I wrote it three days ago. It's a second, maybe a third draft. Maybe a fourth.

I want it done by Friday.

Just this one chapter.

It's a draft. It's a very very rough draft.

I admit, I get a little frustrated.

I have to fight the monkey in my mind telling me it's all crap and that I should just give up. Sometimes he brings in his pals to jump around up there to try to get me to stop writing. If I listen to this guy and his crazy men, it's hard to imagine this chapter will happen.

Then I remind myself to remember my new bathroom.

The picture above shows the completed job. In the beginning, it was just a large black hole. The work went on for weeks and I didn't think it would ever get done. But it did. Looking at the finished room, I almost forget the blood sweat and tears that went into creating that room, or the problems that needed to be resolved to make it happen. But the workmen kept at it. They didn't stop. Until it was done. And I love it!

Monkeys scat!

It's back to writing my chapter.

Today's quote. Hope it inspires you to get a little writing done:

"You have to sink way down to a level of hopelessness and desperation to find the book that you can write." --Susan Sontag

My writing tip:

Don't listen to the monkey in your mind. Chase it away. If it insists on pestering you and you feel you can't get rid of it, well, okay, give it a little space, maybe two lines, maybe two pages. Write what the little devil thinks about your work. Then lock him in a desk drawer, and get back to work. Keep writing. Don't stop.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
If I can write a book,
so can you.

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