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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bonnie M's First Kiss/Last Kiss

Often I hear from women, newly widowed, requesting a copy of my free ebook. I just hate it when I read bad things happening to good people. I offer my condolences, enclose a copy of my free ebook, Treasury of Quotations, and for days, these women are on my mind--sometimes years. I hold every widow's email close to my heart, forever.

Last week I received a letter from a new widow. Her name is Bonnie M. I asked Bonnie to pick up a pen and write something. I gave Bonnie an assignment.

Write your first kiss/last kiss.

Send it to me and I will post it at BookOrBust.

Here is what Bonnie wrote.

Why not leave Bonnie a comment, an encouraging word. Let Bonnie know, we're not alone. Perhaps invite Bonnie to join your facebook page, email writing loop. Reach and touch someone. If you post your comment here, I'll be sure to let Bonnie know. Go ahead. I dare you.

The first time I kissed Mike's lips was the beginning of my life. The last kiss was so sad. His lips were so dry and cracked, we tenderly held each others hand, I put a damp cloth around his gorgeous salt and pepper hair and with my other arm wrapped around his neck we kissed and cried. Neither one of us wanted to let go. This time death was certain to happen, unfortunately much sooner than I thought. On May 21, 2010 I kissed my lover and best friend good-bye.

...Remember I am not a writer...

Note to Bonnie M from Linda Della Donna. Thank you for sending in your words. You write beautifully about a beautiful man. And one more thing, Bonnie. I think you're wrong. You are a writer. A terrific writer. Keep writing.

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Widow_Lady302 said...

Oh this made me cry...I remember my first kiss and last kiss with Rod, and my heart felt this piece so deeply it brought me back the those times. Much love, many thoughts, and lots of prayers to her, to you, and to us all <3