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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Thursday

"A writer expresses himself in words that have been used before because they give his meaning better than he can give it himself, or because they are beautiful or witty, or because he expects them to touch a chord of association in his reader, or because he wishes to show that he is learned and well read." -- Francis George Fowler

With the new year 2010, comes a new list of writing goals and a new writing schedule. But I was feeling overwhelmed with all the clutter I accumulated when starting my books.

There was a lot to get in order. Sometimes I just can't get myself focused and settled to the task of writing when this happens. So, today, I decided, was my day to organize my home office! And, I'm so glad I took a break from my writing to do exactly that.


I can see the floor--And the top of the bed that occupies my office space.

This was no small task.

What I did to alleviate the mess was to order some child's book organizer from a children's online website. It came complete with instructions and took less time to put together than write this blog entry. It has two canvas drawers that fit loose-leaf books, and envelopes filled with photographs and five doweled, folded, canvas shelves that fit my journals, notes, magazines, and photos.

I also reorganized my project file for this book--the non-fiction book--the one I promised Ed I'd write.

All this organization helps my brain to relax.

So, even though I didn't get any actual writing done today, taking time to organize my clutter, helped reorganize my writing thoughts, if you know what I mean. And, if you're a writer, I just know you know what I mean.

Time to say goodnight.

*click* Goodnight.

Linda Della Donna

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